Feeds:  4 people

Ingredients:   40p
8 ozs of Plain Flour
2 eggs
Milk to mix
Pkt of Lard

1.In large bowl place flour and break into it two eggs
2. Stir the eggs so yolks are broken and add a little milk
3. Add milk until you have a thick stirring consistency
4. Beat out any lumps
5. Add water until it is looks like a runny soup, leave to stand
6. You may need for thin pancakes to add more water
7.  Heat pan with a tiny lump of lard
8.  For each pancake use half a cup/third mug of mixture
9.  Pour into the frying pan, quickly lift and twist pan to fill it
10.Place on heat, watch the edges going crispy
11.Toss, or turn with spatula to brown the other side.
12.Repeat this process for each pancake.
13.It starts slow, but once pan is hot it takes less than a minute.

Savoury pancakes
1. Mash leftover vegetables and/or cook in small cubes approximately, 4 carrots, parnsips, [potatoes. 1/2 swede and large onion. Mash those with a spice of your choice, eg oregano. chilli, curry.   Approx (82p)

2. Add small pieces of meat to the mash and separate into eight portions.

3. Start making the pancakes.  Cook one and put one on a plate.

4. While that is cooking add to cooked one the mixture portion, turn in the sides, roll it up and place in a flan style dish.

4. When done, mix crushed or powered garlic with a tin of tomatoes and pour over the eight pancakes when ready.  (28p)

5.    Grate 200 grams of cheese over the top and put in the oven for 20 minutes, or microwave on LOW and grill to brown the cheese.  Serve with peas or green vegetable.    (88p)

Tip:  The pancake contents are just a suggestion.  Maybe substitute for potatoes, rice, with leftover chicken with mushrooms, carrots or peas. Instead of cheese consider a chicken mushroom soup.

Cost of meal:        £2.08
Cost per person:  

Sweet pancakes
1. Thin crispy pancakes are best sprinkled with sugar and a small amount of freshly squeezed lemon poured before rolling into a sausage shape. with sugar and freshly.

2.  To make a thicker pancake use less water so much water.  They will  take longer to cook, will roll up with chopped fruit, or layer with fruit and icing sugar, but when cooking it is not recommend you try and toss them!

3. If only wanting very thick (Scotch) pancakes use Self Raising flour and a griddle pan is best. These need a fairly thick mixture But you can just drop a blob of even thicker mixture into your frying pan, trying not to let them run into each other. These are ideal as a base with fresh fruit, flavoured syrups and ice-cream.

4. For a US style breakfast they use the thicker pancake mix (usually have machines to make pancakes or waffles) and these are often served with bacon, fried or scrambled egg, along with pineapple, banana, and maple syrup and cream.  Something perhaps for a real treat!

Confession:  I didn’t make this but ate it in New Zealand, yummie!

Recipe 3 – Savoury & Sweet Pancakes