Feeds 4 adults

 Ingredients:  £2.28
8 slices of cold chicken breast + 1 chicken leg   (£1.68)
4 large potatoes = 1 kg                                             (40p)

Basic salad:  (Prices can vary)  £1.40

½ Iceberg Lettuce                                                   (47p)
Cherry Tomatoes 4 x 3 = 12                                   (67p)
1/3rd Cucumber                                                       (16p)
Red Onion                                                                 (10p)

1.Cook potato whole in skin = Jacket Potato for one hour in 190 degree oven
With Microwave with pre-programmed cooking, weigh potatoes.
Basic microwave 7 minutes per potato.- squeeze slightly to see if cooked.

2. Slice lettuce in half, and chop into wide strips and cut across those.

3. Slice 1/3 cucumber, add 3 tomatoes to each plate alongside the meat. If adding coleslaw omit the red onion

Optional extras:    

Sliced pepper       (33p)
Fresh Beetroot (when available)
Boiled egg x 4 (32p)

Tip:  Consider substituting an egg for the chicken leg above in order to add to the chicken pieces in the curry tomorrow.

Cost of meal:   Chicken salad & half coleslaw portion £3.74

Cost per person:   91p



Recipe 2 – Cold Chicken, Potatoes and Salad