Feeds 4

 Ingredients:  98p

Leftovers of cooked chicken pieces (shredded and small bits leftover -no cost)

Add any cooked and uneaten vegetables from Sunday – dice into 1cm cubes

4 uncooked carrots   (22p)
Use remaining uncooked parsnips     (21p)
½ Swede                                                  (23p)
1 large or two small white onions       (20p)
Curry powder to taste                            (SC)
Squeeze of Tomato Sauce                     (SC)
Chicken Oxo cube                                  (12p)
Gravy granules/powder to thicken     (SC)


1.Prepare vegetables, cut into l cm cubes, put in saucepan with 2 litres of water.
2. If using stock cube add, boil and let cook for 10 mins until swede feels soft.
3. Add to that a teaspoon of curry powder or more according to taste.
4. Add good squeeze of tomato sauce and gently stir.
5. Simmer for a further minute or two and leave to stand while making rice.
6..When rice is 5 mins from serving, thicken the curry into to a gravy/soup.
7  If using a stock cube, mix cornflour and water together in cup, before adding.
8. If using powder/granules add as the box instructions.
9. Bring the curry to gently boil, and add all leftovers.
10.When rice is ready stir curry and serve immediately into a soup bowl.

Rice:  (16p) 

  1. In separate saucepan use a mug of water per person and boil
  2. Measure half a mug of rice for each person and add to water
  3. Gently boil without saucepan lid for 8 minutes
  4. Check to still a little water at bottom of pan, add if needed. Cook 4 more mins
  5. Remove from heat, put on lid and wait 8 minutes before serving
  6. Put soup bowl on a large plate and alongside add rice and Naan Bread.

Naan bread:  45p

This is ready made, just needs heat under a grill on both sides. Two portions in the packet, cut down the middle for four people.

Tip 1:  This recipe can be adjusted according to your taste.  You may prefer different or more vegetables, spices, naan bread.  This meal is so cheap that today you will only have spent £1.40 per person including lunch and breakfast.

Tip 2:  Ensure you have a good amount of liquid as well as vegetables in the soup bowl for rice and naan bread to soak up.  Add hot water if lacking.  Or make it creamy like a korma by adding a 33p tin of chicken soup.  Not on your shopping list for this recipe, but always a good standby for the stock cupboard and lunches at home.

Tip 3:  If you don’t have leftovers and don’t want just a vegetable curry, you could use stewing steak at £2.55 for 400 grams.  In using a microwave or slow cooker cook meat, curry and vegetables together.  Using the LOW setting on the microwave it takes about an hour for meat to soften. With that use a beef stock cube and 2 litres of water.  Thicken then with cornflour if necessary. At the ned you will only have the rice and naan bread to prepare.

Tip  4:  When serving meat and vegetables in gravy or sauce use an open slatted spoon so meat and veg get served first.  That way everyone gets a good portion before ladling out the liquid.

Cost of meal:  £1.59  with  Tip 3:  £4.14

Per person:     40p     with  Tip 3:  £1.04


Recipe 3 – Vegetable & Chicken Curry, Rice & Naan Bread