Feeds 4

 Ingredients:  £2.67

Packet of 4 fish steaks                                   (£1.99)
Potatos using remaining 500 grams            (20p)
Full portions of coleslaw                                 (48p)

1.Heat oven and cook the fish steaks as packet instructions.
2.Use the remaining potatoes, peel and cut into wedges
3.Cut potatoes into wedges, dip in flour and oil (as did for roasting)
4.Place them in oven with fish steaks
5.Serve with 4  tablespoons coleslaw  (Recipe below)

Tip 1:  As with roast potatoes you can cook wedges in a microwave oven on the pre-programmed jacket potato setting, just put in weight of potatoes and you may want to grill them a little browner at the end, but usually they are crispy enough.  With a basic microwave cook on HIGH for 10 minutes check cooked not shrivelling up and place under a grill, turn to brown both sides.

Tip 2:  Peas are a good alternative with a half portion of coleslaw.

Tip 3:  Peas and grilled large tomatoes make another alternative.  Add a slice of lemon on the fish to impress.

 Coleslaw recipe:
This is a cheap alternative to salad, and very nutritious.

 Ingredients:   95p
1/3rd of White cabbage            (15p)
½ bag of carrots                        (47p)
1 Red Onion                                (10p)
½ carton of Greek yoghurt,    (23p)
3 tbls Salad Cream                     (SC)

1.Cut the 1/3 of cabbage in half and slice as thinly as possible into strips.
2.Peel carrots and either grate of keep peeling into slivers
3.Slice red onion in half and again cut as thinly as possible
4.Add half a carton of yoghurt and 3 tablespoons of Salad Cream
5.Mix until all ingredients fully coated.

This amount will be enough for 8 full portions @ 12p each or
16 half portions = 2 tablespoons @ 6p each

Optional extras:
Add 50 grams of sultanas (SC)
Cut apple into small cubes (15p)

 Tip 1:  Store in airtight container.  After a couple of days there will be juices at the bottom which are delicious, restir.  Or separate off, add yoghurt and use as a salad dressing.

Tip 2:  This is so cheap and nutritious you could add a half portion to every salad.

Tip 3:  A half portion of coleslaw in a sandwich with a little grated cheese is delicious.

Tip 4:  For a change at lunch time use coleslaw in pitta bread with tiny lumps of cheese, especially good if you include the apple or sultanas.

 Cost of meal:  £2.67 + 48p with Coleslaw & sultanas
Per person:    79p




Recipe 4 – Breaded Fish, potatoes and coleslaw