Otherwise known as “Toad in the Hole”

Feeds 4:

Ingredients:  40p
8 ozs of Plain Flour
3 eggs
Milk to mix


1 In large bowl/jug if possible place flour and break in two eggs
2.Stir in and add milk until a thick consistency
3.Beat our any lumps
4.While that is standing
5, Prepare and if not cut up prick sausages ready for cooking.
6. Heat oven to 220 degrees C  (425F)
7. This can be cooked in several ways:

(a) Mince pies/muffin/style tins with 12 sections 8 sausages cut into thirds, 2/3rds of a sausage in each section.

(b) Large tin or dish where 12 sausages will lay down flat in the bottom

(c) Victoria sponge style tins (which is the Yorkshire way) with 2 or 3 sausages laid in each tin.

Add Sausages: 12 for  £1.79

7.  Put sausages in chosen dish with a little lard and melt in over for a minute
8.  Remove from oven place on heat proof surface and pour over mixture
9. Return immediately over for 20 minutes when risen and browned

1, Slice two onions and in a little water cook until soft.   (20p)
2. Chop up cabbage ready to boil 5 mins before puddings are cooked.  (45p)
3.With slated spoon remove onions into a gravy jug, add water to boil cabbage
4. In jug over onions add (preferably onion) gravy granules for average gravy
5. When cabbage cooked, pour water over granules enough for four people.
6. Remove puddings, put portions on plates, and with slated spoon add onions
7. If used sponge tins the yorkshire way put onions in centre of pudding.
8. Drain cabbage add to plate, pour remainder of  gravy over the onions.
9. Serve at once.

Tip 1:  If you don’t want gravy, fry onions, serve with vegetable or baked beans.

Tip 2:  If you have had a main meal at lunch make the recipe and add four teaspoon of sugar and sultanas, the best ones are done in Yorkshire style sponge tins.  Pull apart and eat hot, a delicious family recipe made by my mother when I was young.  Ideal when TV watching!

Cost of meal:  £2.84
Cost per person:   71p



Recipe 7 – Yorkshire Pudding with sausages & onions