Feeds: 4 people x 3 meals = 12 portions

Ingredients:  £2.62
Pork Joint approximately 1,000 grams – 8 slices   (£1.20)
1 kg potatoes peeled                             (40p)
1 round of Broccoli                              (65)
6 carrots                                                (22p)
1 apples                                                (15p)


1.Rub a little salt into fat of pork joint for crackling
2 Place in oven with fat facing upwards
3.Cook the pork at 375F – 145C at 20 mins per 500 grams
4.Cut potatoes and allow four regular sized ones each
5.Dip potatoes in flour and then oil
6.Add to joint an hour before the end of cooking time
7.With sharp knife remove fat, slice off 8 thin slices = third of the joint.
8.The crackling  is usually scored so cut through and if liked add to meal
9.If not hard, crunch up under the grill for a few minutes.

Alternative Microwave version:
1.Place meat, crackling upwards in casserole dish with a little water and lid
2.Microwave on LOW for 12 minutes per 500 grams
3.With pre-programmed jacket potatoes weigh, prepare and takes about 20 mins
4.Without that prepare potatoes cook on high until soft, check at 15 mins
5.Transfer to them, and the crackling, to grill brown and turn.

1.  Peel carrots cut in half or thirds, cut across, lay flat cut into ½ cm strips
2. Take off enough broccoli stem so it can stand like a tree above the carrots
3. Boil the water add carrots and broccoli 10 – 15 mins.
4. Carefully lift out broccoli and divide into portions on a plate,
5. With gravy granules/powder ready in jug pour over vegetable water and stir
6. Add carrots to the meal
7. In advance peel, cut. slice two apples put in small dish with a little water
8. Microwave for 1 min or until soft to mash.
9. Serve cold with pork (save half for cold pork tomorrow).

Tip 1:  To have less washing up and work to do on a Sunday cook the meat in the microwave on Saturday.  When cold cutting thinner slices is easier so can cut two-thirds of the Pork Joint into sixteen slices.  If you have less than 16 slices, use two per person on Sunday. Put the remaining slices on one side and cut the remaining third into chunks ready for Tuesday and refrigerate.

Tip 2:  This is only a guide.  If you like more meat buy a larger pork joint, eg 1500 grams would be around £5.00  the cost for three recipes = £1.70 instead of £1.20.  Divided across the three meals for four people the cost will only rise by 13p per person.  And with spending 50p for breakfast and 50p for lunch you will still be keeping well within budget.

Cost of meal:       £2.62
Cost per person:   67p.



Recipe 8 – Pork joint, roast potatoes & vegetables