Feeds 4

Ingredients:    £1.73
Remaining slices of roast joint = 8     (330 grams)       £1.26)
If you haven’t 8 slices add a boiled egg to each portion   (32p)
Apple sauce                                                                               (15p)

Basic salad:  (Prices can vary)  £1.73
Iceberg Lettuce                                                       (47p)
Cherry Tomatoes 4 x 3 = 12                                  (67p)
1/3rd Cucumber                                                      (16p)
Red Onion                                                                (10p)
Sliced Green Pepper                                               (33p)

1. Slice lettuce in half, and then chop into wide strips and cut across those.
2. Slice 1/3 cucumber, green pepper and onion
3. Add 3 cherry tomatoes to each plate.

Suggested alternative:
1. Use half the lettuce and no red onion save  (23 + 10p)  £1.50
2. Make coleslaw (See Recipe 4)  2 tbls. as side dish    (5p)

 Mashed potato:
1,  750 grams potatoes cut into small cubes boiled for about 10 mins.  (30p)
2. Mash out the lumps add sprinkle of pepper, ½ teaspoon ‘Nearly butter’
3. Add just enough milk to beat them into a thick creamy texture.

Tip 1:  Try a fresh pineapple for this dish rather than apple sauce


Cost of meal:   £3.76 with half salad and coleslaw only  £2.53
Cost per person:   94p  with half salad and coleslaw 63p


Recipe 9 – Cold Pork with salad/coleslaw & mashed potatoes