Feeds 4

 Ingredients:  £1.84
4 Tablespoons of Vinegar                    (SC)
2 Tablespoon of Soy Sauce                   (SC)
2 Tablespoons of Tomato Sauce         (SC)
1 pt of water
1 Onion chopped
Red pepper sliced thinly                      (33p)
Pork in small cubes     330 grams      (1.20p)
Pineapple sliced                                     (25p)
Cornflour to thicken                               (SC)
Pinch of ginger spice (if you have it)

1. Put water, vinegar, soy and tomato sauce in a saucepan and heat.
2 .Add chopped onion and pepper let mixture simmer until soft
3. Mix 2 tablespoon of cornflour in a cup with water to make milky liquid
4. Add slowly to saucepan and allow to thicken to pouring sauce
5. Add more water if necessary, before using remaining cornflour.
6. To prepare pineapple cut off top and bottom and sides
7 .Carefully slice away any brown bits
8. Slice down the hard core so you have four large pieces
9. Use one of those, cut into small pieces
10.Add those and the pork to the sauce.
11.Taste and adjust, if needed, eg a little sugar or ginger spice

Cous cous
1. While the above simmers boil at least 320 ml of water in the kettle
2. Put 200 grams of cous cous in bowl (28p)
3. Add 320 ml of boiling water to it and leave for 5 mins
4. Serve immediately by making circle of cous cous in a circle
5. With hole in the middle add the sweet and sour sauce.

Tip 1:  This should be one-third of your pork joint so the bigger the joint, the more meat you can add to the pineapple and peppers.  This meal is to use up all leftover meat.

Tip 2:  If you do have any meat over, use it up in sandwiches next day with apple, apple sauce as made previously, or coleslaw.

Cost of meal:   £2.06
Cost per person:  56p


Recipe 10 – Sweet & Sour pork with cous cous