Feeds:  4 adults

 Ingredients:  £2.85
8 Lidl Fish cakes   (£1.98)
800 grams potatoes Creamy Potatoes  (60p)
½ pkt Frozen Peas    (27p)

1. Follow instructions on packet for fish cakes.
2. If using oven method cook your creamy potatoes at the same time.
3. Place sliced potatoes (no more than three layers) in a casserole dish
4. There are many versions of cooking these it takes 30 – 40 mins in oven..

Alternative:  The microwave recipe takes much the same time, but no need to heat up oven.  If grilling or frying fish cakes its best to cook the potatoes first and let them stand, before you cook the fish.

1.Over potatoes sprinkle fine layer of flour, pepper, and chopped garlic
2.Pour over that ¼ pt of milk.   Cook on HIGH.
3.Check sauce after 10 mins.
4.If too runny mix a little milk with teaspoon of cornflour
5.Add slowly and carefully into centre without breaking the slices.
6.Too thick stir carefully around potatoes a little milk
7.Check after 10 mins  potatoes in the centre are cooked
8. If not, move the centre potatoes to the side others to the centre
9.Readjust the sauce if necessary and cook for another 5 minutes
10.Leave to stand or pop under the grill to brown.

Tip:  Whichever method you use, always check the centre of potatoes with a knife, to see if soft.

Cost of Meal:  £2.85

Cost per person:  71p      


Recipe 26 – Fish cakes, creamy potatoes and peas