Feeds 8
1. Two meals: use half the stew with baked potatoes
2. Second recipe cover other half with crumble

Ingredients:  £3.15    using half £1.77
500 grams of Mince   (£2.00)
1 large onion                    (10p)
4 carrots                           (20p)
Same weight: swede       (20p)
Potatoes                            (10p)
Parsnip                              (30p)
Celery                                 (25p)
Swede                                 (21p)
2 tablespoons Lentils  (SC)
Cornflour or gravy powder (SC)

1.Brown mince with the onion in saucepan
2.Add 2 pints of water and beef stock cube
3.Add all vegetables chopped eg 5 mm cubes
4.Boil together until vegetables cooked about 20 mins
5.To thicken gravy stir in cornflake dust, gravy powder
6.Turn half the stew into a casserole dish
7.The other half cool and freeze for another day.

Crumble:     50p
250 grams flour                       (SC)
125 grams margarine               (SC)
100 grams of grated cheese    (50p)

1.In bowl rub together flour and margarine until looks like sand.
2. Add more margarine if you want a more crunchy topping
3.You can add the ends of cornflakes into the mix with the grated cheese.
4. Spread on top of your stew.
5. Put in the oven on 180 degrees for 20 minutes.
5. Combination microwave on 180 degrees and LOW power for 10 mins.
6. If using this with frozen half of this recipe defrost meat before adding topping.

Serving suggestion:  50p
Slice and cook cabbage or other frozen vegetables while crumble is cooking.  5 – 7 mins.

Cost of meal: £2.77
Cost per person:  64p


Recipe 28 – Mince & Veg Stew with crumble topping