Feeds 4  –  (Freeze 2 chicken breasts from pack of four)

Ingredients:  £2.99  (using chicken leftovers £2.15)

2 tablespoon of oil
225 grams rice                         (20p)
1 large onion chopped              (10p)
2 chicken pieces                      (84p)
100 grams chopped mushrooms  (65p)
1¼ pints boiled water
Chicken stock cube                  (13p)
100 grams peas                       (10p)
100 grams sweetcorn              (10p)
1 Red pepper chopped            (33p)
100 grams of grated cheese    (50p)

1. Ideal for chicken/bacon pieces, or just vegetables
2. Or cut up chicken fry gently in tbsp of oil with onion
3. Remove from pan
4. Add a little more oil along with 225 grams of long grain rice
5, Cook and stir until rice becomes transparent
6. Boil water and add stock cube, sir and gently pour over rice
7. Bring to the boil and add chicken and mushrooms
8. Along with peas, sweetcorn, and chopped red pepper
9. Simmer for about 20 mins until rice is cooked
10.Stir frequently to prevent risotto from sticking to pan
11. Serve with grated cheese

Cost of Meal:   £2.99
Cost per person:  75p


Recipe 37 – Country Chicken Risotto