An age old recipe, but with a twist that the children will love.

Feeds 6

Basic Crumble Ingredients:  60p
230 grams/8 ozs  Plain Flour     (12p )
180 grams/6 ozs hard margarine chopped into small cubes (42p)
100 grams/4 ozs ozs sugar (6p)

1: Place all the ingredients in a bowl and use your hands to lift and work the margarine into the flour.

2. You want it as tiny lumps, not a sandy mixture, this will go crunchy on cooking.  Stir in the sugar.

3.  Add a handful of porridge oats to this mix, use the dust at the bottom of a packet of muesli to add to crunchiness and sweetness.

The inner twist:  £1.10
1. Open a tin of peaches (80p) remove peaches from liquid and place at bottom of dish. They will be fairly wet, but should soak up while crumble cooking

2. Lay them as flat as possible in the bottom of the dish.

3. Mix a tsp of cornflour and water with half the peach liquid and heat to make a clear glaze, add more liquid if necessary.  Pour over top of peaches.

3.  Break a (30p) packet of chocolate up into lumps place at regular intervals over the top of the peaches.

4. Spread crumble mix on as evenly as possible.
5. Place this in a hot oven at 180 degrees until top looks cooked.
6. Serve immediately, goes well with ice cream.

Fruit suggestions:
500 grams fruit minimum – fresh*,  frozen or tinned   (80p)
100 grams of sugar (dependent of fruit sweetness and your taste)
Tsp of cornflour and water mix

*Apple is best sliced or pulped, add sultanas or use with fresh ‘berry’ fruits. eg. blackberries and apple makes it easier to add crumble mix as you can spread over the more lumpy fruit!

1.  Place fruit in the bottom of the dish, sprinkle across the sugar. Mix a tsp of cornflour with two cups of water and pour over the top.  If using apple layer/spread it on top.

2. On top of that spread your crumble mix making it deeper at the edges and corners, hopefully it won’t then bubble through.

3. Cook on a Combination m/w oven at 180 degrees with SIMMER for 10-15 mins. The same temperature for an oven but needs 20-25 minutes until brown on the top. You can microwave on MEDIUM for 10 mins and put under grill to brown.

Serving Suggestions:
Custard and ice cream are good with crumbles.

Tip 1:  It’s cheaper to use a fruit in season, especially if you can pick it! Street markets often do cheap bowls of fruit, or will sell you cheaply their damaged goods.

Tip 2:  Apples are good because they don’t need sweetening so the cost is just the crumble mix.

Tip 3:  Buy frozen fruit, put in bowl before its defrosted so you get the juices eg. raspberries, and that way you won’t damage the fruit as just add sugar and the cornflour mixture before adding the apple or just crumble mix.

Cost of sweet:  £1.70  (for peach crumble or using frozen fruit)
Per person:  29p + ice cream or custard  (6 portions)

Fruit Crumble with a twist