This is a family favourite, made by our son in 1986 aged 10.

The picture above has sprinkles on the chocolate topping, and shows only half the amount these ingredients make in a 12 x 15 inch tray = 48 x 2 inch squares, and 96 bite size pieces with a Smartie in the middle.

Basic Ingredients: £1.70
1 pkt of 400 gram Digestive Biscuits (31p)
1 pkt of 300 gram Rich Tea                 (29p)
6 ozs of margarine                                (25p)
6 ozs golden syrup                                 (20p)
2 tbsp of drinking chocolate                  (5p)
2 packets of cheap milk chocolate     (60p)

Our chosen extra ingredients:  32p
4 ozs of sultanas                                     (12p)
2 ozs  of peanuts finally chopped        (20p)

Add or exchange into the mixture:
4 ozs of chopped marshmellows
Shaved or tiny pieces of chocolate
Peanut butter as part substitute for margarine
2 ozs of finely chopped mixed nuts or dried fruits eg. dates

1. Lightly grease a shallow plastic box/oven roast tray with margarine.
2. Put similar quantities of each biscuit in plastic bag and place on flat surface
3. With a rolling pin or similar, squeeze and crush them to crumbs
4. Using a large heavy saucepan melt margarine and golden syrup
5. Turn off heat add the drinking chocolate, peanuts and sultanas*
6. Gradually add all the biscuit crumbs, try to crush any lumps
7. Its hard to stir everything in, but keep going for an even coating,
8. Turn out into tray, press down with the back of a spoon
9. Make a tightly packed, smooth and even surface
10.Place your tray in the refrigerator, preferably overnight
11.When solid from refrigeration, make your topping.

1. Break up the two chocolate bars into pieces in a heavy saucepan
2. Add several tablespoons of milk before slowly heating
3. Stir continually with wooden spoon. DO NOT OVER HEAT
4. Similarly using a microwave keep checking and stirring
5. Once the majority of chocolate has melted remove from heat
6. Stir until fully melted. Chocolate will set quickly on biscuit base
7. Have a knife in hot water to help spread it over the biscuits
8. Pour half the mixture down the centre of the base
9. Spread quickly, and evenly into the corners
10.Repeat the process for the second half from joining the chocolate seam
11.Two people, one pouring the other spreading makes this easier
12.Decorate as desired.

Quickly press Smarties in rows up and down to be centre of your squares.  This is very rich and moreish, so suggest keep pieces small.

This fridge cake was left in the box it was made in as had to travel a hundred miles. We cut this out of one big square after pouring on the chocolate.  It’s decorated blobs of melted white chocolate as snow and used to hold each Smartie in place.

The following Christmas we cut out the different shapes before adding the chocolate. Each piece was individually coated and decoration quickly applied. This filled two similar containers making appoximately 80 pieces.  We used plastic pastry cutters to make the shapes.

Lidl sold these in a plastic bottle for £1.30 which included sprinkles, silver stars and gold balls.

The grandchildren enjoyed the variety, and from both we enjoyed the off cuts.




Cost of sweet:  £2.02}
Cost per 2 x 2 piece:  5p


Chocolate Easter Fridge Cake