Feeds 4   (with meat for enough of 2 x 4 more meals)

Ingredients:  £2.42
920 grams joint of beef  (£6.88)
This meal uses a third of joint:  371 grams     (£2.29)
Beef stock cube               (13p)

1 .Place the whole beef joint in oven proof dish with a little water
2. Sear meat fat uppermost in 220 degrees oven for 10 mins
3. Meat takes approx 25 mins per 500 grams at 160C = 45 mins
4. Subtract 15 mins for rare meat or add 15 mins for well done
5. Lower temperature for remaining time to 140 degrees.

Microwave alternative:
Place beef in m/w dish with stock cube and water
Cook on SIMMER for one hour, stand until cold before cutting
If you don’t like red meat, microwave slices for a few seconds.
When cutting leave the brown meat to eat cold tomorrow.

Yorkshire Pudding Mix:  40p
230 grams Plain Flour            (10p)
3 eggs                                      (24p)
Cup of milk to mix                  (6p)

1. Similar to pancake mix, but slightly thicker pouring consistency
2. Add the three eggs and stir with just enough milk to beat it out any lumps
3. Add water as if making pancakes, and leave to stand, it will thicken itself.
4. Use muffin or tart tray. Put a little lard into each section put in oven
5. When sizzling, take out. pour in mixture to make 8-12 puddings.
6. They take about 20 mins, put on top shelf, with plenty of room to rise.

Vegetables:            £1.49
1 kg  Roast potatoes                (40p)
8 carrots sliced                         (35p)
1 Savoy Cabbage                      (48p)
¼ pk Frozen peas )                 (26p)

1. Peel your potatoes and cut all into a regular size, eg a small potato
2. Shake flour over the top of them, turn over do the same
3. Drizzle, or with oily hands rub potatoes as you place on baking tray.
4. Oven temperature should be 220F and after 40 mins place on lower shelf
to make room for Yorkshire Puddings.
5.  Peel and slice carrots cook in boiling water 10-15 mins
6.  Chop and slice Savoy cabbage in boiling water takes 5 – 8 minutes
7.  Add frozen peas to carrots 5 mins before serving up.
8.  Gravy without stock cube use cabbage water and gravy granules
9.  Meat cooked with stock cube, use cornflour and water.

Tip 1:  You can use slices of beef and wrap inside either leftover or pre-cooked vegetables chopped up small.  Can be held together by mashed potato.  This is a pseudo beef olive, which has nothing to do with the olive!  You can mix with other little leftover ingredients to wrap up vegetables and a green vegetable, using vegetable water to make a tasty and nutritional gravy.

Tip 2:  Sliced beef can be frozen and used on another occasions

Tip 3:   Little slivers of beef slices go well in a Stir Fry, which basically is uncooked vegetables shredded or thinly sliced, eg Carrot, Cabbage, Onion, Pepper, Celery, tossed in a little oil and stirred for about 5 mins until cooked. Add to that a packet of noodles reconstituted in water and flavouring (13p) which you add to your pan, and it is a surprisingly taste meal.

Cost of today’s meal:  £4.31
Cost per person:  £1.07




Recipe 40 – Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding Dinner