Thank you for journeying with me on this experiment and hope you have enjoyed the recipes we eat on a regular basis.  The last few have been more time consuming, but well worth it.  To begin with I didn’t take photos believing people knew what the food looked like, but in seeing that pictures do separate and brighten up each recipe I will continue to add them as I cook them.  However, not being not a professional cook, or photographer, what you see will be as it was cooked and served!

The daily blog is now at an end, but will remain in place as the recipes are transferred to the relevant week, under the Menu & Shopping List making it easier to find the one you need with an overall Index of the Weekly Menus to assist you.   Despite prices going up and down, hopefully you have found this useful, will continue to live to a budget and find you are becoming more healthy, wealthy and wise!

Throughout, including the Breakfast and Lunch suggestions at 50p per person, per day, you have found the family adequately fed, if not filled, without the need of crisps, biscuits and cakes.  However, main meals were far cheaper than expected in my original budget of  £3.00 per day per person.  With budget and room for ‘Sweet Treats’ I have added those  inexpensive pudding and cakes we have from time to time.

I was astonished that the majority of the main meals were under £1.00 per person, per day, yet still had all the nutrition and filling capacity needed.  And, if you aren’t feeding four adults, you will have either gained more frozen meals, or eaten them up rather than cooking another meal.

This trial has provided a 40-day selection, but I am sure you too will want to eat your favourite meals regularly.  Chilli con Carne is one of ours and each time I cook it I freeze the uneaten portions for next time, thus on the third occasion I only have to defrost the four stored portion for a quick meal only having to cook the rice.  This is really useful after a busy day.  And you will have noticed some aren’t recipes just ideas and examples to make a cheap dinner with little cooking.

I hope you will revisit this site, continue to use the recipes you like and maybe print them down and pass them on to others.

If you wish to comment on the recipes, or other Food for Thought on this site, email:

Ruth Johnson
March 2021