These are samples of the varied and reasonably priced options.

Breakfast choices Lidl Prices Serving Portions
Wheat Bixies £1.42 2 18
Muesli Nut/Fruit £1.69 25 grs 30
Porridge £0.79 50 grs 20
Cornflakes £0.50 20 grs 25
Total cereals £4.40 93


Menu of a filling and nutritional breakfast calculated and 50p or less per day.

Suggested options Cost per person Portion Lidl Prices
Most expensive
Weetabix £0.08  2 bixes £1.42
Semi-skimmed Milk £0.27 500 ml £1.09
Sugar SC
Coffee £0.09 per cup filtered SC
Toast *Butter & Jam* £0.06 2 slices £0.45
Total £0.50
Orange Juice £0.06 1 small glass £0.55
Toast *Butter & Jam* £0.06 2 slices £0.45
Tea + milk/sugar £0.05 2 cups SC
Total £0.12
*Store Cupboard = SC

Tip 1:  These are guidelines as to spending each day with cereal the healthier option, and toast the filling one. Mix and match.  Without the toast you could buy a more expensive cereal, although some have a very high sugar content. The cheapest breakfast alternated with a more expensive one will keep the average under 50p a day.

Tip 2:  If the cereal option is the favourite buy milk in either 4 or 6 litre bottles.  You will use for four people just under two litres a day, which gives milk for coffee and tea.

Tip 3:  Bread for breakfast and lunch use just under one loaf per day. Use the four slices and two crusts at lunch for those with a larger appletite.  (see lunch suggetions).

Tip 4:  If  while shopping you are tempted to buy things not on the list, go only weekly to restock. Milk will keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge.  With using bread at breakfast and lunch you will need eight loaves a week.  Bread will stay fresh in the fridge for three days, if possible freeze remaining bread on day of purchase and take out slices when needed. Toasting will defrost bread, and sandwiches will be by the time of eating.


These are ideas for a varied and reasonable daily option.

Cost per person Portion Lidl prices
White £0.04 2 slices £0.39
Brown £0.05 2 slices £0.45
Heavenly’ buttery SC
Add filling to choice of bread
Sandwich –  Basic Fillings
Corned beef + tomato sauce £0.19 2 slices £1.47
Egg boiled mashed with s cream* £0.08 1 £1.18
Cheese = grated £0.18 50 grams £3.99
Tuna + salad cream* £0.15 50 grams £0.75
Cold cooked bacon + t. sauce* £0.14 100 grams £1.40
Fresh fruit/yoghurt/fromage frais £0.25 1
Eggs scrambled/boiled/fried £0.16 2 £1.18
Baked beans £0.11 half of tin £0.22
Tomatoes tinned £0.14 half of tin £0.28
Bacon and one egg £0.24 as above
Cheese = grated £0.18
Soups – tin £0.17 half of tin £0.33
Soup – homemade £0.18 2 ladles £0.72
Semi-skimmed milk` LO
Tea, coffee, sugar SC
SC = paid for in *Store Cupboard
LO = leftovers  – see tips

Tip 1:  There are five suggestions for weekdays, which can vary in whatever way you choose.  Try and balance the more expensive items against the cheaper (especially at weekends) so you have an average of 50p per day.

Tip 2:  Tins of tuna can be bought cheaper when sold in packs.

Tip 3:  Add to these basic suggestions with salad leftovers, e.g. egg and lettuce/tomato,  cheese and coleslaw (Recipe 2), tuna and cucumber.

Tip 4:  Bacon at £1.40 for l kg is offcuts packed together, which could be thick or thin.  Separate out and cook. Thin slices are ideal for sandwiches, or bacon and eggs.  You may find a couple of ham steaks, the remainder cut into lumps for pizzas, or pasta dishes.  Freeze in bags, or small dishes for another day.

Tip 5:  Medium sliced bread is 20 slices + two crusts.  After breakfast you will have 4 slices and two crusts. These can be used to feed the hungrier members of your family.  Use the two crust for their sandwiches.  If making another round spread the original filling between the two and add more leftovers.  Alternatively use egg, jam or banana for the filling, and dispense with fruit/yoghurt.  This will fed them and help you keep in budget.  If you don’t use the crusts each day use for  toast at the weekends.  See breakfast for bread buying suggestion.

Tip 6:  Large oranges and yoghurt are around 25p, fun-size fruit is cheaper eg 6 bananas are 79p = 13p each!