Ruth Johnson bio

From an early age I have loved books and writing and it’s genetic.  My mother and her brothers wrote diaries, my daughter has published two business books, and from age five my grand-daughters have written stories.  At 16 when learning to type I wrote a science fiction novel which 40 years later I expanded. At an ACW meeting Richard from Kingsway wanted to publish ‘Jane’ but wasn’t able so acted as my agent sending it to Bethany House and Barbour. A London literary agent submitted it to US HarperCollins the reply to all, it didn’t fit their publishing schedule. In 2005 I self-published ‘Jane’ of the proposed six book ‘Hearts Desire Series’ which are 400 page novels to romance the soul and spirit and full of fun and fear, twists and turns.  ‘Jill’ followed in 2007, ‘David’ in 2012, ‘Rosie’ in 2019.  I’m currently writing ‘Janice’.  They are available on Kindle, or from our website.  Work is in progress to publish all the books with Amazon in larger print, but will cost twice the price than from my website:


Lel (Lesley) Coley bio:

As a child I found reading a chore as it didn’t come easily to me. Therefore, I only read the books that the school advised because I had to, but realised in that I was gaining knowledge.

When I was a teenager I decided to read a book of my choosing, for my own entertainment. And, if I didn’t understand a particular word, it would not matter.  As I let various authors lead me through different scenarios I quickly became immersed into the characters’ world.  I could imagine being in the story, what a joy, what a difference and I was still learning.


Blog bio

This blog has been born out of a friendship of over twenty years where regularly we have met to share the ups and downs of our lives.  In those times we talk,  sometimes a picture will form, or we know a Biblical verse that seems relevant to that situation.  We then explore what we believe to find the answers we need.

This has been so helpful to us, and drawn from us thoughts, ideas and dimensions we had not previously considered.  With that in mind we decided to give others the opportunity to be drawn into our world where you can begin your own exploration.

We hope you will find this beneficial.  If you do, we would appreciate your feedback.