Recipe 35 – Pseudo Moussaka

Feeds 6  (frozen portions)

Ingredients: £2.48
500 grams mince                                 (£2.00)
800 grams of sliced potatoes                (25p)
1 large onion cut into rings                    (10p)
1 stock cube                                               (13p)
2 tablespoons tomato sauce                   (SC)
Cornflour to thicken                                (SC)
Garlic segment                                          (SC)
Lentils                                                         (SC)

1.  Fry mince, onion and ½ finely chopped garlic together
2. Add ½ pint water, stock cube, and lentils boil and simmer for 10 mins
3. If needing further thickening to make a gravy add end of cornflakes*
4. While that is cooking slice potatoes thinly
5. In a good size dish for oven or microwave start with thin layer of meat
6. Add potatoes on top and keep layering ending in potatoes
7. Cover and put in 190 degree oven for at least 30 mins.= m/w MED 20 mins
8. Check by inserting knife that potatoes are cooked in the centre
9. Remove cover and add topping mixture
10.Return to hot oven for approx. 15 mins until risen and browned
11.M/W MED for about half that time, and brown under grill

 Topping:  £1.10
2 Eggs                            (32p)
200 grams yoghurt      (23p)
Pepper                             (SC)
200 grams of mature grated cheese  (78p)

1. Break eggs beat with fork until white and yokes and mixed together.
2. Add yoghurt and pepper
3. Leave about 50 grams of cheese to sprinkle over the top
4. Stir in most of the cheese and pour over your mince and potatoes

Serve with favourite vegetable:
A green vegetable goes well with this, as does a small salad.  (80p)

Tip: Keep the broken bits and amost dust at the end of your breakfast cereals.  Weetabix and Cornflakes are great to add to thicken gravy.

Tip 2:  Use the ends of Porridge and Muesli  to add to flour for a crumble mixture.

Cost for meal:  £4.38
Cost per person:  73p  (for 6 people)

Recipe 34 – Sunny Delight Pizza

Feeds 4

Base ingredients:  13p
220 gr (8oz) SR flour (10p),
8 dsp veg/sunflower oil (SC),
8 dsp water,
1 tsp. Oregano. (SC)

1.  Combine all ingredients in a bowl so dry, but malleable.
2.  Use fingers to gently press over base of 12inch frying pan.
3.  With a smaller pan you for 4 share ingredients between two pans
4.  Cook with a medium heat, cover if possible with lid until pastry has risen.
5.  When upper side looks fairly dry, invert plate and turn over.
6.  If pastry sticks to plate drop back in pan for a minute or two.
7.  If not brown enough on either side use plate to turn base to brown it.
8.  Tip on to plate ready to add toppings.

Topping:   99p
1. Open tin of baked beans and frankfurter sausages.  (39p)
2. Place on base the sausages as sun rays
3. Put the beans in between the sausage keeping the middle free
4. Beat two eggs with pepper and a little milk
5. In a microwave jug on HIGH 3 mins, or stir in saucepan   (16p)
4  When thickened place scrambled egg in centre
5. Sprinkle over 100 grms (2oz) grated cheese, melt under grill  (44p)

Serve with salad/coleslaw choices (£1.50)

Cost of Meal:  £2.62
Cost per person:   65p


Week 6 – Menu & Shopping List


Recipe no Week 6
36 Sunday Pork chop in orange jus + vegetables
37 Monday Chicken Risotto
Tuesday Choose your meal.  Recipe: Fruit Crumble
38 Wednesday Lasagne with salad
Thursday Choose your meal. Recipe: Easter Fridge Cake
39 Good Friday Pastry Pockets with fish filling
40 Easter Sun Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding


Shopping List Price at Lidl Quantity Cheaper
Apples x 5 £1.19 5
Baguette – Garlic £0.42
Beef Joint  (Slow cook) £6.88 920
Broccoli £0.65
Cabbage – Savoy £0.48 1
Cabbage – white £0.45
Carrots £0.88 1000
Cherry tomatoes £0.67 20
Chicken breast fillets £1.69 4
Chocolate bars x 4 £1.20 30p each
Cod fillets £2.75 250
Cornflour £0.79 400
Cucumber £0.46
Custard £0.35
Digestive biscuits x 2 £0.62 800
Drinking Chocolate £0.95 400
Eggs – 15 £1.18 Farmfoods
Golden Syrup £2.29 1000
Greek yoghurt (light) £0.45
Green beans (Frozen) £0.80 Farmfoods
Iceberg Lettuce £0.47
Lard £0.39
Lemon Curd £0.65 Tesco
Margarine – cooking/block £0.55 500 Tesco
Marmalade £0.45
Milk £1.09 2000
Mince £2.00 500
Mushrooms £0.65 350
Onions – red and white £1.00 1000
Orange juice £0.55 1000
Pasta Sheets £0.39 500
Peaches tinned £0.90 850
Peanuts £0.45
Peppers – fresh and mixed £0.98 3
Plain flour £0.45
Pork loin chops £3.71 6
Potatoes £0.99 2500
Rich Tea biscuits £0.29 300
Smarties mini eggs £0.99
Sugar £0.65 1000
Sweetcorn (tin) £0.37
White bread £0.39 20

This week you may still have meals in your freezer, or the menus are online you can pick and choose your favourites.

Remember to add the ingredients for those to your shopping list.  Your Stock Cupboard is probably gaining items, and using up others, so have put all ingredients you will need into this weeks shopping list.

With Easter at the end of the week there are here 3 Sweet Treat Recipes for your family to enjoy, it makes your shopping more expensive this week, but the Recipes here will still bring you in with a budget of £3.00 per person per day and you will have ingredients eg Golden Syrup left over.

Roast Beef might not be to your taste, exchange that for something else.  You nearly have forty recipes to choose from.







Recipe 33 – Vegetable/Meat Curry, Rice & Naan Bread

Feeds 4

Ingredients:  £2.10
2 Chicken portions (£1.79 for 4)       (89p)
4 uncooked carrots                              (22p)
4 parsnips                                               (21p)
½ Swede                                                  (23p)
1 large or two small white onions       (20p)
Curry powder to taste                            (SC)
Squeeze of Tomato Sauce                     (SC)
Chicken Oxo cube                                  (12p)
Gravy granules/powder to thicken     (SC)
(Optional)  ½ pot of Greek yoghurt   (23p)

1. Fry 2 chicken pieces on each side. Cut it and vegetables into l cm cubes
2. Boil 2 litres of water in saucepan add stock cube and curry to taste.
3. Add vegetables and chicken boil until cooked = 15 mins.
4. Add good squeeze of tomato sauce, gently stir and simmer.
5. Freeze remaining 2 portions of chicken to use another day.
6 .When rice is 5 mins from serving, thicken the liquid to a gravy/soup.
7  Using cornflour and water mixture slowly to curry.
8. Or use powder/granules use as makers instructions.
9. Put the cooked rice, on a plate alongside the bowl of curry.
10.Add the Naan bread to the plate and serve.
11. (Optional) Add 3 tablespoons of yoghurt to be more like a Korma

Rice:  (16p)
1.In separate saucepan use a mug of water per person and boil
2.Measure half a mug of rice for each person and add to water
3.Gently boil without saucepan lid for 8 minutes
4.Check to still a little water at bottom of pan, add if needed.
5.Cook 4 more mins
6.Remove from heat, put on lid and wait 8 minutes before serving
7.Put rice alongside the soup bowl with Naan Bread.

Naan bread:  45p
This is ready made, just needs heat under a grill on both sides. Two portions in the packet, cut down the middle for four people.

Tip 1:  Ensure you have enough liquid as well as vegetables to fill the soup bowl.   Add hot water if lacking.  Make it even more creamy like a korma by adding a 33p tin of chicken soup.  This is always a good standby for your stock cupboard and/or lunches at home.

Tip 2:  As an alternative use stewing steak at £2.55 for 400 grams.  In using a microwave or slow cooker cook meat, curry and vegetables together.  Using the LOW setting on the microwave it takes about an hour for meat to soften. With that use a beef stock cube and 2 litres of water.  Thicken then with cornflour if necessary. At the end you will only have the rice and naan bread to prepare.

Tip  3:  When serving meat and vegetables in gravy or sauce use an open slatted spoon so meat and veg get served first.  That way everyone gets a good portion before ladling out the liquid.

Cost of meal:  £2.71  using  Tip 2:  £4.14 (will feed 6)
Per person:     65p


Recipe 32 – Sweetcorn & Tuna over Jacket potatoes

Feeds 4


Ingredients:   £2.88
4 large potatoes, 800 grams (if too small prepare 2 each)  (28p)
1 tin of Tuna Fish                   (75p)
1 Tin of Sweetcorn                 (37p)
Salad of your choice from Salad Suggestions   (£1.50)

1. If you have microwave use this instead of main oven
2. Squeeze gently to ensure cooked
3. Open tin of tuna and sweetcorn drain away water in tin
4, Mix together with salad cream.
5.Open potato and put in a little ‘Heavenly Buttery’ and pepper
6. Serve over the top of the potato

Cost of Meal:  £2.88
Cost per Person:  £72p


Recipe 31 – Meatloaf with egg and potato wedges

Feeds 4

Ingredients:  £2.53

Two slices of meatloaf each               (£1.37)
4 eggs fried                                              (32p)
1 tin baked beans                                    (44p)
800 grms potatoes in wedges               (40p)

1. Prepare your wedges as in ‘Potato Possibilities’
2. When nearly cooked heat warm through slices of meatloaf
3. Cover them to keep warm
4. Fry your four eggs, preferably together
5. Open beans into saucepan and heat
6. Serve as quickly as possible

Tip:  Depending on the size of your slices of meatloaf  you may have enough to freeze to use for another meal in the future.  If not enough for that then if you mash it in with a little tomato sauce itis delicious in a sandwich for lunch.

Cost of Meal:      £2.53
Cost per person,  66p.



Recipe 29 – Meatloaf with roast potatoes and vegetables


Feeds 4 x 3 recipes  = £1.37

Ingredients:  £4.10
500 grams Sausage Meat        (£2.00)
500 grams Mince                      (£2.00)
1 large onion                                   (10p)
A thick crust of bread                    (SC)
½ cup of milk                                 (SC)
1 crushed garlic segment (optional) (SC)

1. Cut bread into small cubes place in mixing bowl with ½ cup of milk
2. Add garlic and pepper, with thinly sliced and chopped onion.
3. If possible, use mixer, to blend bread, onion and both meats together
4. By hand blend equal amounts of ingredients together.
5. In a roasting tin, spread and press down the mixture into a loaf shape
6. Put your uncooked, prepared potatoes to roast around it
7. Cook at 200 degrees for until potatoes golden brown – about an hour
8. The meatloaf sides and top should be dark and crunchy
9. Cut off a thick chunk from each end, cut in half and serve a chunk each.
10. When cold carefully remove from tin, put in fridge and slice tomorrow.

Suggested vegetables:  £1.40
Potatoes, boiled carrots and cabbage

Tip 1:  Make gravy from a little of the fat from the meatloaf and the boiled water of the vegetables.

Tip 2: The meatloaf can make lots of fat, drain that off into a bowl as is delicious to use for frying or rubbing over your potato wedges.

Cost  of meal:   £2.77
Cost per person:   69p


Recipe 28 – Mince & Veg Stew with crumble topping

Feeds 8
1. Two meals: use half the stew with baked potatoes
2. Second recipe cover other half with crumble

Ingredients:  £3.15    using half £1.77
500 grams of Mince   (£2.00)
1 large onion                    (10p)
4 carrots                           (20p)
Same weight: swede       (20p)
Potatoes                            (10p)
Parsnip                              (30p)
Celery                                 (25p)
Swede                                 (21p)
2 tablespoons Lentils  (SC)
Cornflour or gravy powder (SC)

1.Brown mince with the onion in saucepan
2.Add 2 pints of water and beef stock cube
3.Add all vegetables chopped eg 5 mm cubes
4.Boil together until vegetables cooked about 20 mins
5.To thicken gravy stir in cornflake dust, gravy powder
6.Turn half the stew into a casserole dish
7.The other half cool and freeze for another day.

Crumble:     50p
250 grams flour                       (SC)
125 grams margarine               (SC)
100 grams of grated cheese    (50p)

1.In bowl rub together flour and margarine until looks like sand.
2. Add more margarine if you want a more crunchy topping
3.You can add the ends of cornflakes into the mix with the grated cheese.
4. Spread on top of your stew.
5. Put in the oven on 180 degrees for 20 minutes.
5. Combination microwave on 180 degrees and LOW power for 10 mins.
6. If using this with frozen half of this recipe defrost meat before adding topping.

Serving suggestion:  50p
Slice and cook cabbage or other frozen vegetables while crumble is cooking.  5 – 7 mins.

Cost of meal: £2.77
Cost per person:  64p


Recipe 26 – Fish cakes, creamy potatoes and peas

Feeds:  4 adults

 Ingredients:  £2.85
8 Lidl Fish cakes   (£1.98)
800 grams potatoes Creamy Potatoes  (60p)
½ pkt Frozen Peas    (27p)

1. Follow instructions on packet for fish cakes.
2. If using oven method cook your creamy potatoes at the same time.
3. Place sliced potatoes (no more than three layers) in a casserole dish
4. There are many versions of cooking these it takes 30 – 40 mins in oven..

Alternative:  The microwave recipe takes much the same time, but no need to heat up oven.  If grilling or frying fish cakes its best to cook the potatoes first and let them stand, before you cook the fish.

1.Over potatoes sprinkle fine layer of flour, pepper, and chopped garlic
2.Pour over that ¼ pt of milk.   Cook on HIGH.
3.Check sauce after 10 mins.
4.If too runny mix a little milk with teaspoon of cornflour
5.Add slowly and carefully into centre without breaking the slices.
6.Too thick stir carefully around potatoes a little milk
7.Check after 10 mins  potatoes in the centre are cooked
8. If not, move the centre potatoes to the side others to the centre
9.Readjust the sauce if necessary and cook for another 5 minutes
10.Leave to stand or pop under the grill to brown.

Tip:  Whichever method you use, always check the centre of potatoes with a knife, to see if soft.

Cost of Meal:  £2.85

Cost per person:  71p