Recipe no.


Week 2
8 Sunday Pork joint roast potatoes and vegetables
9 Monday Cold Pork with salad/coleslaw & mashed potatoes
10 Tuesday Sweet & Sour pork with cous cous
11 Wednesday Spicy chicken with salad and potato wedges
12 Thursday Tuna and pasta bake
13 Friday Cornish Pasty with salad and coleslaw
14 Saturday Chill con Carne with yoghurt, tortilla chips


Shopping List Price at Lidl Quantity Cheaper
Apples x 5 £1.19 5
Baked beans £0.22 Only Tesco
Broccoli £0.65
Cabbage – white £0.45
Carrots £0.88 1000
Celery £0.45
Mince £2.00 450
Cherry tomatoes £0.67 20
Chicken – Southern fried £1.25 4 Farmfoods
Cornish Pasty £1.45 3
Cucumber £0.46
Cous Cous £0.70 500
Greek yoghurt (light) £0.45
Iceberg Lettuce £0.47
Onions – red and white £1.00 1000
Kidney Beans (tin) £0.28
Pasta £0.39 500
Pineapple £0.99
Peppers – fresh and mixed £0.98 3
Pork joint £3.59 950
Potatoes £0.99 2500
Sweetcorn (tin) £0.37
Tomatoes plum (tin) £0.56 2
Tortillla crisps £0.69
Tuna chunks £0.75 160 Farmfoods

Recipe 8 – Pork joint, roast potatoes & vegetables

Feeds: 4 people x 3 meals = 12 portions

Ingredients:  £2.62
Pork Joint approximately 1,000 grams – 8 slices   (£1.20)
1 kg potatoes peeled                             (40p)
1 large round of Broccoli                      (65p)
6 carrots                                                (22p)
1 apples                                                (15p)

1. Rub a little salt into fat of pork joint for crackling
2. Place in oven with fat facing upwards
3. Cook the pork at 375F – 145C at 20 mins per 500 grams
4 .Cut potatoes and allow four regular sized ones each
5. Dip potatoes in flour and then oil
6. Add to joint an hour before the end of cooking time
7. With sharp knife remove fat, slice off 8 thin slices = third of the joint.
8. The crackling  is usually scored so cut through and if liked add to meal
9. If not crnchy put under the grill for a few minutes.

Alternative Microwave version:
1. Place meat, crackling upwards in dish with a little water and lid
2. Microwave on LOW for 12 minutes per 500 grams
3. For roast potatoes use pre-programmed jacket potatoes option
4. Weigh and prepare as above it takes about 20 mins
5. If not avaiable, cook ptatoes cook on HIGH until soft, check at 15 mins
6 .Transfer to them, and the crackling, to grill brown and turn.

1.  Peel carrots cut in half or thirds, cut across, lay flat cut into ½ cm strips
2. Take off enough broccoli stem so it can stand like a tree above the carrots
3. Boil the water add carrots and broccoli 10 – 15 mins.
4. Carefully lift out broccoli and divide into portions on a plate,
5. With gravy granules/powder in jug pour over vegetable water and stir
6. Add carrots to the meal
7. In advance peel, cut. slice two apples put in small dish with a little water
8. Microwave for 1 min or until soft to mash.
9. Serve cold with pork (save half for cold pork tomorrow).

Tip 1:  To have less washing up and work to do on a Sunday cook the meat in the microwave on Saturday.  When cold cutting thinner slices is easier so can cut two-thirds of the Pork Joint into sixteen slices.  8 for today, 8 for tomorrow.  Cut the remaining third into chunks for Sweet & Sour Pork. Refrigerate all meat until use.

Tip 2:  This is only a guide.  If you like more meat buy a larger pork joint, eg 1500 grams would be around £5.00  the cost for three recipes = £1.70 instead of £1.20.  Divided across the three meals for four people the cost will only rise by 13p per person.

Cost of meal:       £2.62
Cost per person:   67p.


Recipe 9 – Cold Pork with salad/coleslaw & mashed potatoes

Feeds 4

Ingredients:    £1.73
Remaining slices of roast joint = 8     (330 grams)       £1.26)
If you haven’t 8 slices add a boiled egg to each portion   (32p)
Apple sauce                                                                               (15p)

Salad with 5 options  (approx £1.72/ Coleslaw 80p)
Iceberg Lettuce
Cherry Tomatoes 4 x 3 = 12
1/3rd Cucumber
Red Onion
Sliced Green Pepper

1. Slice lettuce in half, and then chop into wide strips and cut across those.
2. Slice 1/3 cucumber, green pepper and onion
3. Add 3 cherry tomatoes to each plate.

Suggested alternative: £1.26
1. Consider half salad and coleslaw (see Recipe under Salad Selections)

Mashed potato:
1,  750 grams potatoes cut into small cubes boiled for about 10 mins.  (30p)
2. Mash out the lumps add sprinkle of pepper, ½ teaspoon ‘Nearly butter’
3. Add just enough milk to beat them into a thick creamy texture.

Tip:  Try a fresh pineapple for this dish rather than apple sauce

Cost of meal:   £2.99  (using half salad and half coleslaw option)
Cost per person:   95p


Recipe 10 – Sweet & Sour Pork with cous cous

Feeds 4

 Ingredients:  £1.84
4 Tablespoons of Vinegar                    (SC)
2 Tablespoon of Soy Sauce                   (SC)
2 Tablespoons of Tomato Sauce         (SC)
1 pt of water
1 Onion chopped
Red pepper sliced thinly                      (33p)
Pork in small cubes     330 grams      (1.20p)
Pineapple sliced                                     (25p)
Cornflour to thicken                               (SC)
Pinch of ginger spice (if you have it)

1. Put water, vinegar, soy and tomato sauce in a saucepan and heat.
2. Add chopped onion and pepper let mixture simmer until soft
3. Mix 2 tablespoon of cornflour in a cup with water to make milky liquid
4. Add slowly to saucepan and allow to thicken to pouring sauce
5. Add more water if necessary, before using remaining cornflour.
6. To prepare pineapple cut off top and bottom and sides
7 .Carefully slice away any brown bits
8. Slice down the hard core so you have four large pieces
9. Use one of those, cut into small pieces
10.Add those and the pork to the sauce.
11.Taste and adjust, if needed, eg a little sugar or ginger spice

Cous cous:  28p
1. While the above simmers boil at least 320 ml of water in the kettle
2. Put 200 grams of cous cous in bowl
3. Add 320 ml of boiling water to it and leave for 5 mins
4. Serve immediately by making circle of cous cous in a circle
5. With hole in the middle add the sweet and sour sauce.

Tip 1:  This should be one-third of your pork joint so the bigger the joint, the more meat you can add to the pineapple and peppers.

Tip 2:  If you do have any meat over, use it up in sandwiches next day with apple, apple sauce as made previously, or coleslaw.

Cost of meal:   £2.12
Cost per person:  53p


Recipe 11 – Spicy Chicken with Salad and Potato Wedges

Feeds 4

Ingredients: £1.55
4 Spicy (Southern Fried) Chicken Steaks ((£1.25)
750 grams of potatoes (30p)

1.Peel your potatoes, cut into wedges dip in flour and oil
2.Put these on a tray in the oven with your chicken steaks
3.Cook chicken at temperature and time on the packet

Alternative method with Microwave
Oven/microwave weigh potatoes cook on Potato Jacket programme.
Place chicken steak on oven proof dish cook at 180 degrees with low heat
With grill turn over potatoes and brown on low

Serve with chopped and tossed salad: £1.72
1.Chop in half 8 cherry tomatoes
2.Cut off a third of cucumber and chop into lumps
3.Chop and shred lettuce
4.Cut yellow pepper into thin strips
5.Slice up red onion in half and then down into thin strips
6.Chop an apple into similar size to tomatoes   (add 15p)
7.Toss the all salad together in a bowl

Healthy cheap salad dressings:
1 . A teaspoon of oil, 2 of vinegar, sprinkle in pepper (SC)
2..In a shakeable container, shake well and pour over salad
3.Lift salad up and down in the bowl to allow to coat right through.

1. 1 tablespoon of salad cream (SC)
2.1 tablespoon of Greek Yoghurt (10p)
3. Mix together in a small bowl

Tip: When cutting wedges think of segments of an orange and slice at an angle.

Cost of Meal: £3.42
Cost per person: 85p


Recipe 12 – Tuna Pasta Bake

Feeds 4

 Ingredients: £2.62

Tin of Tuna    350 grams        (75p)
Tin of Sweetcorn    1/2 tin      (19p)
1 Onion                                       (10p)
Milk powder/ ½  pt of milk    (SC)
Frozen peas   1/3 pk                 (18p)
Carrots 500 gram                     (22p)
Tablespoon of Cornflour         (SC)
Pasta    280 grams                    (18p)
Cheese 1.25 grams                  (£1.00)

1. Heat enough water in saucepan to cover the following
2. Peel and chop carrots into slightly bigger than peas
3. Do the same with the onion
4. When boiling add carrots, onion, peas and pasta
5. Cook until carrots soft
6. If you have milk powder add that to water in pan
7. If not, drain off most of the water and use 1/2 pt milk
8. Sprinkle pepper across the top stir, and re heat
9. Blend a little milk and cornflour to milky consistency
10.Turn down heat, slowly add cornflour for a thicker sauce
11.Grate 125 grams of cheese and stir 75 grams into mixture.
12.Add tuna chunks, stir through, heat gently through
13.Serve immediately, with bowl of 50 grams of cheese to sprinkle over

Alternative Suggestions:
1.Turn out into casserole dish and put the 50 grams of cheese over the top
2.Place in oven at 180 degrees until the top has browned.

With microwave:
1. Put in casserole dish with 50 grams of cheese on top
2. Place on trivet with combination of grill and low heat
3. In 5 minutes should be hot and browned.

Tip 1:  If you would prefer more tuna you can either swap cheese or just add in another 75p which will only make the cost per person 16p more.

Tip 2:  To save heating up an oven go for first option.

Tip 3:  If you have an ordinary microwave cook all the above ingredients in it and  serve from the same dish with bowl of cheese to sprinkle over.

Cost per meal:  £2.62
Cost per person:   66p


Recipe 13: Cornish Pasties with Salad/Coleslaw/leftovers

Feeds 4

Ingredients: £2.54
Lidl Cornish pasties   4 x 50p each  (£2.00)
Coleslaw half portions                        (24p)
Any salad leftovers approximately
Add leftover  ½ tin sweetcorn/peas   (30p)

1.Pasties are cooked and delicious both hot or cold.
2.To heat put in oven 180 degrees for 20 mins or
3.For microwave oven LOW heat with combination 180 degrees
4.Use up leftovers: tomatoes, sweetcorn, peas
5.If no leftovers use baked beans

Tip 1:  These are large and sold in threes.  For younger children cut third pastie in two. Otherwise you will need to buy 2 packets and either freeze two for another day, or use by sale-by-date for 2 adult lunches or in half for children’s lunches.

Cost per meal:  £2.54
Cost per person:   64p


Recipe 14 – Chilli con Carne

Feeds 6 

Main Ingredients:     £3.32
450 grams cheap mince         (2.00)
1 large onion chopped            (10p)
1 pepper chopped                    (32p)
1 tin of plum tomatoes            (28p)
1 tin of baked beans                (22)p
1 tin kidney beans                   (30p)
1 tabsp of lentils                      (SC)
1 tsp chilli powder (to taste)   (SC)
1 squeeze if tomato sauce       (SC)
300 grams of rice                    (24p)

1.  Put mince and onion in large saucepan and gently fry together.
2. Stir in the chilli powder.
3. Pour juice from tomatoes into saucepan, and chop tomatoes
4. Add tomatoes and good squeeze of tomato sauce
5. Chop pepper, baked beans, and kidney beans.
6. Allow to boil and then add lentils which will thicken sauce
7. Simmer for 20 mins add lid and leave while cooking rice
8.For four when serving place two portions in a dish or freezer container

Serve with rice
1. In separate saucepan put a full mug of water in per person and boil
2. Measure 50 grams rice or half a mug of rice for each person to the water
3. Gently boil without saucepan lid for 8 minutes
4. Check there is water at bottom of pan cook for another 4 mins
5. Remove from heat put on lid, leave to steam for 8 minutes before serving

Suggested extras:  £1.14
Tub of Greek Yoghurt (light) use as side dish  (45p)
Packet of Tortilla chips  ( 69p)

Tip 1:   If feeding 4 people:
With freezer:
1. Following point 8 above
2. Do this the next time you cook this recipe
3. On the third occasion take the 2 x 2 portions from freezer, heat together
4. That week the cost will be the rice (16p) + extras £1.14.

Without freezer:
1. Delicious on hot buttered toast = four generous portions for lunch.
2. Use within five days. Heat to bubbling before serving
3. Consider making savoury pancakes. (See Recipe 3)
4. For pancake filling add little cooked rice, cous cous or potato

Tip:   In feeding four people yoghurtcan be used in coleslaw, and tortilla chips will remain fresh if stored in their bag in air-tight container

Cost of meal:    £3.32   with extras  £1.14 = £4.46
Cost per person:  56p + extras 19p each = 75p