Recipe no. Week 4
22 Sunday Gammon joint, swede potato mash  & veg.
23 Monday Ham and pineapple pizza with salad
24 Tuesday Ham, fried egg, beans and potato wedges
25 Wednesday Corned beef, jacket potatoes and salad
26 Thursday Fish cakes with creamy potatoes & peas
27 Friday Chicken &  Mushroom Pasta Bake
28 Saturday Mince & Veg stew with crumble topping


Shopping List Price at Lidl Quantity Cheaper
Baked Beans £0.44 2
Broccoli £0.65
Cabbage – S/heart £0.47
Cabbage – white £0.45
Carrots £0.88 1000
Celery £0.45
Cheese – own brand £2.00 450
Cherry tomatoes £0.67 20
Chicken breast fillets £1.69 4
Corned beef £1.47 340
Cucumber £0.46
Eggs – 15 £1.18 Farmfoods
Fish cakes £1.98 2×4 Farmfoods
Gammon joint (3.40/kg) £3.70
Greek yoghurt (light) £0.45
Iceberg Lettuce £0.47
Mushrooms £0.65
Mince £2.00
Onions – red/white £1.00 1000
Parsnips £0.42
Pasta £0.45
Peas (frozen) £0.55
Pineapple £0.99
Potatoes £0.99 2500
Swede £0.47
Tomatoes (tin) £0.52 2
TOTAL £21.49

The shopping lists and menu’s are only a suggested guide line in keeping within budget of less than £3.00 per person, per day.    If you have followed the first three weeks you will now know what are your weekly consumables, especially those for breakfast and lunch.

You might want to update the original Stock Cupboard List  and and personalise to your own needs, adding in those items each week which are useful to  have to hand.

Recipe 22 – Ham joint with swede/potato mash & veg.

Feeds: 4  x 3 meals;  In this recipe use only a quarter of the joint

Ingredients:  £2.49
Cook 1 kg Ham joint    (£3.99)
Cut and use 8 slices for this meal        (96)p
600 grams potatoes                                (20p)
300 grams of swede                                (26p)
Tin of Tomatoes                                       (28p)
½ Pkt of frozen peas                               (26p)

1. Put ham joint in large saucepan cover with water, gently boil for 1 hour
2. Slice when cold in 8 thin slices for this meal.
3. Cut four thicker ones for tomorrow and chop remaining meat into chunks
4. Put remainder in container and refrigerate until used.

Swede and potato mash:
1. Peel both swede and potatoes and cut into small pieces
2. Boil for approximately 10 mins until soft and carefully drain off all liquid
3. Mash together a large knob of margarine with a dash of pepper

Serve with:
Frozen peas boiled in water for 5 mins and tinned tomatoes in tomato juice as the juice has a thicker consistency and if necessary can be thickened with a little cornflour and water or squirt of tomato sauce to make a  gravy.   Perhaps add a little garlic or if you have it Worcester sauce, or even HP sauce.

Tip 1:  Cook the ham joint the day before and put in fridge.  Carve the whole as indicated above, keeping the meat in a container in the fridge to use in further recipes. .

Tip 2:  You may have tomato sauce, or tomatoes left over, add a chopped onion and half a crushed garlic cook until onion soft.  You can use this as the tomato base for a pizza or freeze to use another day.

Tip 3: You may need to thicken this as a base for a pizza so you can use the end of the cornflakes, almost as dust, usually a couple of teaspoons will thicken it when cooked in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

Cost of meal:  £2.49
Cost per person:  62p


Recipe 23 – Ham & Pineapple Pizza with salad

Feeds 4

Ingredients:  £1.78
Chunked quarter of ham         (96p)
¼ Pineapple sliced in pieces   (32p)
100 grams cheese                      (50p)

Base ingredients:  13p
220 gr (8oz) SR flour (10p),
8 desert spoons veg/sunflower oil (SC),
8 desert spoons water,
1 tsp. Oregano. (SC)

1.  Combine all ingredients in a bowl so dry, but malleable.
2.  Use fingers to gently press over base of 12inch frying pan.
3.  With 7inch pan halve ingredients and make two bases
4.  Cook each one with a medium heat, if possible, cover for quick rising
5.  When upper side looks fairly dry, invert plate and turn over.
6.  If pastry sticks to plate drop back in pan for a minute or two.
7.  If not brown enough on either side use plate to turn base to brown it.
8.  Tip on to plate ready to add toppings.

Basic Tomato, Onion & Garlic topping:  13p
1.  If available use previously prepared portion of topping.
2.  If not,  mix a tin of tomatoes with a ¼ crushed garlic,
3.  Add one onion and squeeze of tomato sauce cook until onion soft.
4.  If needed add cornflake crumbs to thicken.
5.  Spread one third of tomato mix evenly over the base(s),
6.  Freeze remaining two portions for another time  (39p)

For this pizza:
1. Add ham and pineapple (remainder use as lunch fruit)
2. Grate and sprinkle cheese over the top and grill until brown

Serve with salad or coleslaw:  (half and half)  £1.10
See ideas and recipe suggestions in Salad Suggestions’  which includes the recipe for Coleslaw.

Cost of Meal:  £3.14
Cost per person:  76p


Recipe 24 – Ham, egg, beans and potato wedges

Feeds 4

Ingredients:  £3.18
4 Ham steaks             (£1.92)
4 eggs,                          (32p)
Tin of baked beans      (22p)
800 kg potato wedges  (32p)

1. Prepare and cook wedges as in Potato Possibilities’
2.When wedges are nearly cooked prepare other parts of meal.
3.Open beans and put in saucepan
4.In frying pan with spot of oil put cooked ham steaks to heat through
5.Put on plate and cover with another to keep warm if you are frying eggs.
6.A little oil in frying pan, break eggs, OR scramble as below.

Scramble eggs:
1. Place a little milk in either a large jug for microwave or saucepan.
2.Break in the four eggs and beat well with a little pepper
3.In saucepan heat gently and stir briskly as eggs start to set
4. In Microwave place on HIGH for about 3 mins take out and stir
5. Return until mixture begins to rise up the jug
6. Take it out and beat with fork, if it is light and fluffy it is done,
7. If there is still liquid return as 5.
8. In the saucepan when light and fluffy serve immediately
9. Add those to the heated ham, beans and cooked wedges.

Alternative suggestions:
Use the pineapple with the ham instead of eggs, creamed potatoes instead of wedges.
If courgettes are in season, two sliced with a tin of tomatoes,onion cooked and clove of garlic cooked for 10 minutes is delicious.   The cost more than beans, but still a reasonably priced meal.

Cost of Meal:     £3.18
Cost per person:   79p


Recipe 25 – Corned beef, jacket potatoes and salad

Feeds 4    (Gives 16 slices you may have a little left for lunch*)

Ingredients:  £3.45
Tin of corned beef       (1.45p)
1 kg Potatoes                 (40p)
½ Salad/ ½ Coleslaw  (£1.50)

Put tin of corned beef in fridge in the morning
2 .Cut meat in 16 slices 4 x 4
Suggested is Jacket Potatoes, or look at Potato Possibilities for a change.
Use Salad Selection and this week include some celery to make a more filling meal.

Tip 1:  If you have remaining corned beef try mashing it with a little tomato sauce and using as sandwich filling.

Tip 2:   In Week 1 & 2 you froze meals, eg Spaghetti Bolognese & Chill con Carne.  You may want to substitute those for the above meal, which is just a sample of a quick cheap and simple meal you can provide at any time, useful after a busy day.

Cost of meal:  £3.45
Cost per person:  86p


Recipe 26 – Fish cakes, creamy potatoes and peas

Feeds:  4 adults

 Ingredients:  £2.85
8 Lidl Fish cakes   (£1.98)
800 grams Potatoes  (60p)
½ pkt Frozen Peas    (27p)

1. Follow instructions on packet for fish cakes.
2. If using oven method cook your creamy potatoes at the same time.
3. Place sliced potatoes (no more than three layers) in a casserole dish
4. Using this recipe 30 – 40 mins in oven.

Using a microwave:
1. Over slice potatoes sprinkle fine layer of flour, pepper, and chopped garlic
2. Pour over that ¼ pt of milk.   Cook on HIGH.
3. Check after 10 mins on cooking
4. If too runny mix a little milk with teaspoon of cornflour
5. Add slowly and carefully into centre without breaking the slices.
6. Too thick stir carefully around potatoes a little milk
7. Check after 10 mins  potatoes in the centre are cooked if not
8. Carefully move the outside ones into the centre so centre ones on outside
9. Cook for another 5 minutes. leave to stand while cooking the fish cakes
10.Cook the peas, and if wished brown the top of potatoes under a grill.

Tip:  Whichever method you use, always check the centre of potatoes with a knife, to see if soft.

Cost of Meal:  £2.85

Cost per person:  71p


Recipe 27 – Chicken & Mushroom Bake

Feeds 4: 

4  Chicken pieces  (£1.69)
Pkt of Mushrooms   (65p)
Chicken Soup   (22p)
Penne Pasta follow packet instructions  (45p)
Garlic segment  (SC)
3 tablespoons of Yoghurt
(Optional: add carrot/green pepper/sweetcorn)

1.  Slice and fry your mushrooms with a little oil
2. Add your chicken breasts and fry gently both sides
3. Pour over can of Chicken soup
4. Add a spoonful of milk to can, swirl around & add to pan
5. Crush or chop finely garlic and add to mix
6. Let bubble gently, put on lid if you have one for 20 mins
7. You can serve chicken as a piece each, or cut it into cubes
8. Having cooked your pasta at the same time, drain off water
9. Shake it to ensure its drained out, and sprinkle with pepper
10.Gradually add in yoghurt to make a creamy sauce

Put pasta on plate or bowl, place the chicken on the top, pour your sauce over it.

Cost of Meal:  £3.21
Cost per person:  80p


Recipe 28 – Mince & Veg Stew with crumble topping






Feeds 8
1. Two meals: use half the stew with baked potatoes
2. Second recipe cover other half with crumble

Ingredients:  £3.26    Two recipes:  using half  £1.63
500 grams of Mince   (£2.00)
1 large onion                    (10p)
4 carrots                           (20p)
Same weight: swede       (20p)
Parsnip                              (30p)
Celery                                 (25p)
Swede                                 (21p)
2 tablespoons Lentils  (SC)
Cornflour or gravy powder (SC)

1. Brown mince with the onion in saucepan
2. Add 2 pints of water and beef stock cube
3. Add all vegetables chopped eg 5 mm cubes
4. Boil together until vegetables cooked about 20 mins
5. To thicken gravy stir in cornflake dust, gravy powder
6. Turn half the stew into a casserole dish
7. The other half cool and freeze for another day

Crumble:     50p
250 grams flour                       (SC)
125 grams margarine               (SC)
100 grams of grated cheese    (50p)

1.In bowl rub together flour and margarine until looks like sand.
2. Add more margarine if you want a more crunchy topping
3.You can add the ends of cornflakes into the mix with the grated cheese.
4. Spread on top of your stew.
5. Put in the oven on 180 degrees for 20 minutes.
5. Combination microwave on 180 degrees and LOW power for 10 mins.

Vegetables with crumble:  50p
Cabbage, green beans or brussel sprouts work well.   Slice and cook cabbage or use frozen vegetables while crumble is cooking.  5 – 7 mins.  Picture above was using leftovers from previous meal.

2nd meal defrosted and served with jacket potatoes: 50p (£2.13)

Cost of meal: £2.63
Cost per person:  66p