Recipe no Week 6
36 Sunday Pork chop in orange jus + vegetables
37 Monday Chicken Risotto
Tuesday Choose your meal.  Recipe: Bread/Butter pudding
38 Wednesday Lasagne with salad
Thursday Choose your meal.  Recipe:  Fruit Crumble
39 Good Friday Pastry Pockets with fish filling
Easter Sat Choose your meal    Recipe: Easter Fridge Cake
40 Easter Sun Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding


Shopping List Price at Lidl Quantity Cheaper
Apples x 5 £1.19 5
Baguette – Garlic £0.42
Beef Joint  (Slow cook) £6.88 920
Broccoli £0.65
Cabbage – Savoy £0.48 1
Cabbage – white £0.45
Carrots £0.88 1000
Cherry tomatoes £0.67 20
Chicken breast fillets £1.69 4
Chocolate bars x 4 £1.20 30p each
Cod fillets £2.75 250
Cornflour £0.79 400
Cucumber £0.46
Custard £0.35
Digestive biscuits x 2 £0.62 800
Drinking Chocolate £0.95 400
Eggs – 15 £1.18 Farmfoods
Golden Syrup £2.29 1000
Greek yoghurt (light) £0.45
Green beans (Frozen) £0.80 Farmfoods
Iceberg Lettuce £0.47
Lard £0.39
Lemon Curd £0.65 Tesco
Margarine – cooking/block £0.55 500 Tesco
Marmalade £0.45
Milk £1.09 2000
Mince £2.00 500
Mushrooms £0.65 350
Onions – red and white £1.00 1000
Orange juice £0.55 1000
Pasta Sheets £0.39 500
Peaches tinned £0.90 850
Peanuts £0.45
Peppers – fresh and mixed £0.98 3
Plain flour £0.45
Pork loin chops £3.71 6
Potatoes £0.99 2500
Rich Tea biscuits £0.29 300
Smarties mini eggs £0.99
Sugar £0.65 1000
Sweetcorn (tin) £0.37
White bread £0.39 20

Recipe 36 – Pork chops in Orange Jus & vegetables

Feeds 4    (2 chops left from packet of 6 – freeze and use another day)


Ingredients:  £2.68
 4 pork chops
2 tablespoons of Orange Marmalade
2 cups of Orange Juice
1 tsp of cornflour mixed with water
Pinch of ginger if liked

1. Put chops in large frying pan and brown on both sides
2. Transfer to casserole dish if having to fry separately
3. Add to the pan the orange juice and marmalade
4. Simmer until marmalade is melted
5. If chops fit frying pan cover and leave them to simmer 20 mins
6. If in casserole dish pour over sauce and cook
7. M/w on low or oven 180C for 20 mins.
8. Remove the chops and slowly stir in cornflour mix to thicken
9. Add a little vegetable water if too thick. Jus = between sauce/gravy.
10.Pour over the chops and add vegetables

Serving suggestions:
Boiled potatoes, broccoli and carrot go well with this dish   (£1.00)

Tip 1:  Slice up an orange and place on top of the chop.  This dish is simple but always the taste always impresses.

Tip 2: This is an easy way to make an orange sauce to use over a simple sponge recipe.

Cost of Meal:  £3.68
Cost per Person:  92p


Recipe 37 – Country Chicken Risotto

Feeds 4  –  (Freeze 2 chicken breasts from pack of four)

Ingredients:  £2.99
2 tablespoon of oil
225 grams rice                         (20p)
1 large onion chopped              (10p)
2 chicken breasts                      (84p)
100 grams chopped mushrooms  (65p)
1¼ pints boiled water
Chicken stock cube                  (13p)
100 grams peas                       (10p)
100 grams sweetcorn              (10p)
1 Red pepper chopped            (33p)
100 grams of grated cheese    (50p)

1. Ideal for recipe for leftovers of chicken/bacon pieces, or vegetables
2. Starting afresh, cut up chicken, fry gently in tbsp of oil with onion
3. Remove from pan, add a little oil and 225 grams of long grain rice
4. Cook and stir until rice becomes transparent
5. Boil water and add stock cube, sir and gently pour over rice
6. Bring to the boil and add chicken and mushrooms
7. Along with peas, sweetcorn, and chopped red pepper
8. Simmer for about 20 mins until rice is cooked
9. Stir frequently to prevent risotto from sticking to pan
10. Serve with grated cheese

Cost of Meal:   £2.99
Cost per person:  75p


Recipe 38 – Lasagne with salad & Garlic bread

Ready to serve
Side view of layers
Ready to eat






Feeds 6

Ingredients:  £3.64
8 sheets of Lasagne Pasta       (39p)
500 grams of mince                (£2.00)
1 large onion                             (10p)
1 tsp Oregano
1 finely chopped garlic
1 beef stock cube                    (13p)

1 tbsp of lentils                        (8p)
1 tsp oil

For the sauce:
3/4 pt of milk                           (28p)
150 gams mature cheddar cheese  (66p)
2 tsps Cornflour
1/4 tsp of pepper

Garlic bread (Optional)         (42p)

1. Heat a saucepan of water with a tsp of oil
2. Place the pasta sheets in the water and cook until soft (10 mins)
3. Drain water and soak in cold water.
4. Meanwhile fry  mince and onion together in a saucepan
5. Finely chop garlic and add with oregano into mince
6. When mince browned add stock cube and pint of water
7. Bring to the boil, add lentils and simmer for 20 minutes
8. Use ends of unsweetened cereal so mixture is solid.

For the sauce:
1. Mix two piled teaspoons of cornflour with water
2. Boil milk in saucepan, turn down heat
3. Gradually stir in  cornflour mix until it thickens to a sauce
4. Remove from heat.  Stir in pepper and grated cheese
5. Leave enough cheese to sprinkle over the top of the dish

1. Use half the meat to cover the bottom of an oblong dish
2. Cover the meat with two and a half sheets of pasta
3. Use roughly a third of cheese sauce to spread over those
4. Add two and a half sheets of pasta to cover that
5. Use and spread over remaining meat. Cover with remaining pasta
6. Tuck the edges down the sides meat to stop it mixing with sauce
7. Top with remaining cheese sauce and grated cheese
8. Cook in oven at 190 degrees until topping browned = 20 mins
9. Heat up garlic bread 5 mins before end of cooking time.

Serving suggestion:
Cut into six servings (freeze two)
Serve with slices of garlic bread
Best with a five piece salad (not coleslaw)   (£1.40)

Tip 1:  Slightly damp garlic baguette with hand before putting in oven as this will give it a lovely crunchy crust.

Tip2 :  Lasagne looks good with half a large tomato on the top, but you can cut two small ones in half and place on the top.

Cost of Meal:  £5.46  (with garlic bread)
Cost per person:   91p  (for six people)

Recipe 39 – Fish in pastry pockets

Parcels uncooked
Parcels cooked
Parcels served






Feeds 8  (Makes 8, freeze 4 for another day)

Ingredients:  £3.95

Pocket Contents:   £3.02
250 grams of cod fish   (£2.75)
½ pt of milk                   (12p)
1 knob of butter
A handful of frozen peas  (10p)
Cooked carrot in tiny cubes  (5p)

1. Cook the fish in the milk and butter – 3 mins in microwave
2. Or gently in frying pan and until softened
3. Put fish on to plate and if has black skin carefully remove it.
4. Add to milk and butter from fish the cooked carrots and peas
5. Thicken with cornflour and leave to cool while making pastry.

Pastry:  93p
1 lb of Plain Flour    (23p)
170 grs  hard margarine  (40p)
170 grms  Lard               (30p)
Water to mix

1  Cut up both margarine and lard into very small cubes
2. In large bowl place flour and drop in cubes
3. If using mixer add about ½ pt of water, mix to a gooey elastic!
4. By hand work the cubes into the flour and gradually add water
5. Tiny lumps of fat are good use heavy spoon to get right consistency
6. Coat the worksurface with flour and put half the mixture in centre
7. Cover with flour, roll  out in straight line up, press ends into centre
8. Turn over and at a right angle repeat rolling out 5 times
9. On 6th roll stretch it across your floured surface
10.The aim is to have 4 squares 15 x 15 cms from that half
11. Try and get at least 3,  and make fourth from what’s left
12. Do the same with the other half of the mixture.
13. Keep each square well coated in flour and lay out to one side

Tip 1:  Cut out a square of paper that size and cut round it.
Tip 2:  Halve pasty and filling ingredients, if unable to freeze 4 portions

1. Divide cold white sauce mixture into 8 portions and fish into 8 fish bits
2. Grease a large baking sheet or roasting pan
3. Put a little milk in dish, if no brush use your finger to coat pastry
4. For each square, place a blob of mixture and fish piece in the centre
5. Don’t worry if it seems too little! The ingredients spread inside
6. Paint milk 1 cm wide on inside edge of the square
7. Fold one corner just beyond the centre, and the opposite one over it
8. Do the same with the two other corners, making an envelope
9. Lift carefully and place on your baking sheet. Do the same for all 8.
10.Use your brush/finger to paint milk over all 8 pockets.
11.Refrigerate or cook at 180 degrees until risen and golden = 20 mins
12.Serve immediately. The other 4 let get cold and then freeze.

Tip. 1  This might seem time consuming but you have a ready meal for another day and the fluffy pastry with filling is far cheaper than anything you would be able to buy. Another recipe to impress!

Tip 2:  Obviously you will have bits of pastry over, make jam or lemon curd tarts, or even try you hand at making individual or very small apple pies with pulped apple.  Or freeze pastry in a plastic bag for another day.

Tip 3:  Easy and cheap to make using leftovers.
1. Cheap bacon bits with tomato and onion sauce.
2. Chicken bits, mushroom or bacon with white sauce as above.
3. Add cheese sauce with ham.
4. Potato and vegetables in curry sauce.

Tip 4: Never overfill the pastry it should easily fold into an envelope, and vegetables must be cut up small so don’t  pierce the pastry covering it.

Serving suggestions:  80p
These go well with salad, but equally with any green vegetable e.g. runner beans and broccoli

Cost of meal:   £4.75  (for 8 people)  £2.38 for 4
Cost per person:  60p.

Recipe 40 – Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding Dinner

Feeds 4  x 3 meals

Ingredients:  £2.42
920 grams joint of beef  (£6.88)  Using a third:   (£2.29)
Beef stock cube               (13p)

1 .Place the whole beef joint in oven proof dish with a little water
2. Sear meat fat uppermost in 220 degrees oven for 10 mins
3. Meat takes approx 25 mins per 500 grams at 160C = 45 mins
4. Subtract 15 mins for rare meat or add 15 mins for well done
5. Lower temperature for remaining time to 140 degrees.

Microwave alternative:
Place beef in m/w dish with stock cube and water
Cook on SIMMER for one hour, stand until cold before cutting
If you don’t like red meat, microwave slices for a few seconds.
When cutting leave the brown meat to eat cold tomorrow.

Yorkshire Pudding Mix:  40p
230 grams Plain Flour            (10p)
3 eggs                                      (24p)
Cup of milk to mix                  (6p)

1. Similar to pancake mix, but slightly thicker pouring consistency
2. Add the three eggs and stir with just enough milk to beat it out any lumps
3. Add water as if making pancakes, and leave to stand, it will thicken itself.
4. Use muffin or tart tray. Put a little lard into each section put in oven
5. When sizzling, take out. pour in mixture to make 8-12 puddings.
6. They take about 20 mins, put on top shelf, with plenty of room to rise.

Vegetables:            £1.49
1 kg  Roast potatoes                (40p)
8 carrots sliced                         (35p)
1 Savoy Cabbage                      (48p)
¼ pk Frozen peas )                 (26p)

1. Peel your potatoes and cut all into a regular size, eg a small potato
2. Shake flour over the top of them, turn over do the same
3. Drizzle, or with oily hands rub potatoes as you place on baking tray.
4. Oven temperature should be 220F and after 40 mins place on lower shelf
to make room for Yorkshire Puddings.
5.  Peel and slice carrots cook in boiling water 10-15 mins
6.  Chop and slice Savoy cabbage in boiling water takes 5 – 8 minutes
7.  Add frozen peas to carrots 5 mins before serving up.
8.  Gravy without stock cube use cabbage water and gravy granules
9.  Meat cooked with stock cube, use cornflour and water.

Meal 2:  You can use slices of beef and wrap inside either leftover or pre-cooked vegetables chopped up small.  Can be held together by mashed potato.  This is a pseudo beef olive, which has nothing to do with the olive!  You can mix with other little leftover ingredients to wrap up vegetables and a green vegetable, using vegetable water to make a tasty and nutritional gravy.

Meal 3:  Sliced beef is good cold with jacket potatoes and salad selections

Meal 4:   Little slivers of beef slices go well in a Stir Fry, which basically is uncooked vegetables shredded or thinly sliced, eg Carrot, Cabbage, Onion, Pepper, Celery, tossed in a little oil and stirred for about 5 mins until cooked. Add to that a packet of noodles reconstituted in water and flavouring (13p) add to your pan, to make a surprisingly taste meal.

Cost of today’s meal:  £4.31
Cost per person:  £1.07