Emanuel Publishing



            Ruth Johnson started her writing career when she wrote her first novel at sixteen while learning to type.  It's been revamped several times making a novel of 250,000 words, but would still take a great deal of work to bring it up to standard and publish it, although the plot is still relevant today.  

However it was to be many years later before Ruth began writing again, this time writing a romantic novel with the idea to send it to Mills & Boon to see if they thought she had any talent.  The content wasn't entirely their genre, but they did  suggest she try again along their more specific guidelines. 

It was enough encouragement to write a story with the intention of romancing both the soul and spirit, and many years later had a further encouragement when a publisher suggested they send her novel to the USA.   But the publishing houses in the US didn't believe it fitted their publishing schedules and it was another six months before a London Literary Agent sent it to Harper Collins in the US. Again it returned with that same rejection, but too came the determination to see her novel in print. 

The simpliest way to do this was to self-publish which meant that Brian her husband and she had to do everything from editing, typesetting and designing the cover. And wonderfully a friend gave them warehouse space to house the first four thousand books, and to distribute them on her behalf.  This provision doesn't just assist Ruth, but gives rehabilitating prisoners work and the contribution Ruth makes for each book distributed helps fund containers that once filled with our unwanted goods are sent to Africa.  On their arrival in Africa the goods are distributed to micro businesses run by locals who sell things on to their people at prices they can afford.  The more books she sells, the more money goes to these worthwhile projects.

The success of the first book initiated the second, and the series is envisaged to extend to six novels.   The hope is to see not only the books sell and touch and change lives, but that more containers can be sent out to those in other lands who so desperately need our help.