Rested from your walk, and having gently swayed back and forth, you remember the childhood pleasure of actually swinging up and down.  From barely taking your feet from the ground, you begin to gain confidence as you work the swing backwards and forwards bringing it to go higher and higher.  The gentle breeze is now more of a wind in your face.  Fear and exhilaration mingle in the same lightness of heart you had as a child.

It is as you swing you realise there are two ups for every down.  Even the time you are coming down, the scent of the forest rises up, and when the ground comes near it brings fresh opportunity to explore the possibilities you have seen from above.  Life has had it’s up and downs, and you have gained wisdom to rise again in the pendulum of your life.  There’s no hurry, no need to leave, enjoy the freedom of being as a bird in the air.

From the heights you have a more overall perspective.  To your right is a narrow strip that looks like another path. At ground level it is impossible to see, yet from above it is well-worn down as if traversed many times.  Despite its narrowness, the sun manages to beam its light over it. You feel drawn to explore it. You let the swing slow and put your feet down to stop.  About to stand you hear a voice calling your name.  Surprised you stare in the direction you believe the path to be. You guess its the wind blowing through the forest.  Inwardly, you know it is a route to a new experience, maybe through places that might prove difficult.  You look around and see your heavy rucksack and consider if you should leave it behind.

The Lord says, “…I tell you to never be worried about your life, for all that you need will be provided, such as food, water, clothing—everything your body needs. Isn’t there more to your life than a meal? Isn’t your body more than clothing? Look at all the birds—do you think they worry about their existence?”     Matthew 6:25 (TPT)

If you feel you can leave your back pack behind you are now ready to continue the adventure.


Episode 2