You have chosen to find the path.  You are trusting that having entered its narrow opening, it will be easier than you thought.  However it is very uneven and there are still puddles to jump over.  It occurs to you that with the depth of undergrowth on either side, it could now be difficult, even dangerous, to divert from it.   Just when you are wondering if you made the right decision, the way widens, but is scattered with stones of all shapes and sizes, smooth, rough and sharp,  people can be like that!  You stop in the midst of negotiating your way through and look ahead. A large stone appears to be blocking the path. Surely that isn’t the end of this road?

When you get nearer you see a metal cup on top of the stone, its handle attached to a thick chain.  This must indicate a well, and in realising you are thirsty you hurry towards it.  The water in the cup comes up cold and clear, and is surprisingly refreshing. You lower the cup again.  As you drink you wonder at its provision.  Next to the well is a flat stone, warmed by the sun.  You sit on it and notice a box beside you, written on the lid is: ‘Help Yourself’.  You look inside.  You look around.

Is it possible such a fresh loaf of baked bread, a slab of cheese and several apples are there for you?  Once again you lower the cup into the well and decide to ‘help yourself’.  You break off a chunk of bread and piece of cheese.  The bread is light and crunchy, the cheese is creamy and tasty.  It seems this simple meal is changing your palate because the water now tastes similar to a rich and fruity wine.

The Lord says, “Listen, are you thirsty for more?  Come to the refreshing waters and drink.  Even if you have no money come, buy and eat, yes come and buy all the wine…you desire, it won’t cost you a thing.  Why spend your hard earned money on something that cannot nourish you, or work so hard for something which can’t satisfy.”  Isaiah 55:1-2  (TPT)

Continue to relax.  Drink and eat your fill.


Episode 3