The small rocks, are now becoming larger, and more difficult to negotiate.  The trees continue to line the upward path.  As the rocks get bigger, the agility of the donkey increases.  You consider the provision of the donkey.  He is able to see what you cannot see, and do what you couldn’t do.  He finds flat stones, and uses them like steps on which to place his feet.  You glance back at the straight and narrow path from where you have come, and are amazed at how far you have travelled.

The uneven path continues to rise between the trees on each side and is heading towards a sheer white cliff face.  The nearer you get the more insurmountable it looks.  When there appears no way forward, the donkey takes a right turn between the trees.  There is no path or track. You nudge him with your knees.  His nose lifts as if in anticipation, revealing he is familiar with his surroundings. His walking pace turns into a trot. Your legs tighten around his body. However, the ride is smoother than picking through rocks.  Oddly, exhilarated by the speed you feel quite safe despite noticing the gradual onset of night.

The donkey begins to slow and you enter a grassy clearing surrounded by trees.  In the midst of this is a small rustic log cabin surrounded by a veranda. It has a central door and lighted windows on either side.  The donkey takes you to the steps in front of the door, and with a shaking of his body indicates you should alight.  Fixed to the wooden strut of the overhanging roof is a sign, “Woodcutters Cottage” and underneath “All welcome – enter in.”

“The Lord says, ‘My people will live free from worry, in secure, quiet homes of peace.’  Isaiah 32:18 (TPT)

When your path takes an unexpected turn do you find rest?



Episode 6