As your feet touch the wooden veranda, the donkey nuzzles your back as if to push you forward.  The donkey’s heehaw sounds like laughter. You turn, as he scampers off towards a previously unseen hut.

The door before you is slightly open.  You call, “Hello” while slowly pushing it with your fingers. There’s no reply, but a delicious smell of stew assails your nostrils.  Straight away you see a polished wood-grain table under the window.  On it a lamp reveals a place setting for one.  An open log fire gently crackles under a small chimney.  Resting on a trivet above the fire is a boiling kettle and gently bubbling pot.  In front of the fire you can now see the edge of a dark red pattern rug, and a tartan blanket covering a two-seater settee.  On the back wall, resting in a wooden structure is a draining board with a white square sink, above it one tap and underneath a bucket.  Your eyes are drawn to the intricately carved dresser opposite the door where shelves display blue and white china plates and from hooks hang matching mugs.

A blast of cold wind propels you inside. You quickly shut the door.  A glance around reveals the cottage is one room, and you are alone.  The floor is made out of polished interwoven planks of wood, and you remove your shoes.  Built into the wall opposite the fire is a comfortable looking bed. Above it shelves of books and all manner of things run the length of the wall.  Your eyes widen for by the bed is your rucksack.

The Lord says, “For anyone who has left behind their home and property…they will be repaid a hundred times over and will inherit eternal life.  Matthew 19:29 (TPT)

To receive a greater reward, what would you give up?


Episode 7