Semi-conscious you luxuriate in the warm, comfortable bed and think about the provision of the cottage, bed and last night’s meal.  On the trivet you had melted the cheese on the leftover bread which added to the rich tasting potage of meat and vegetables.  And then wrapped and roasted two apples in foil on the fire, their taste reminiscent of the toffee apples you enjoyed as a child.  The thought of food causes you mind to drift to your favourite breakfast.  No sooner have you envisaged the menu, the smell of it permeates the room.  You open your eyes and turn over.

There is no-one about, but a meal is on the table.  Excited, you leap up and rush to the window.  The person who delivered it isn’t visible, but the food is real enough.  You sit and while eating take in the view across the grassy plain surrounded by trees, and see three very difference sheds built in the tree line.

The urge comes to explore the little you saw at dusk yesterday. The sound of a chainsaw rends the air. The woodcutter is obviously at work.  Did he build this cabin?  You look around at the furniture and wonder if he is also the carpenter who formed the wood.   Intrigued by this unseen skilled craftsman you feel eager to meet him.  First you need to wash.  Having put your breakfast things in the kitchen sink you go through the door you discovered last night next to the fireplace in the bathroom. In a mirror you glance at your face, not only do you feel refreshed and  feel younger, but look it too. You hum with that thought, get dressed and head for the front door.

The Lords says, “…unless you receive the revelation…the same way a little child receives it, you will never be able to enter in.” Luke 18:17 (TPT)

Are you able to picture the scene and fully enter into this adventure?



Episode 8 – Day 2