The rich green turf of the grass is so springy you could be walking on air. The sound of cutting wood continues to break the otherwise peaceful silence.  Following the direction the donkey took last night you arrive at the nearest shed.  The floor covered in straw indicates this is his stable.  On the wall is a hook on which the saddle and its trappings hang. A half empty trough reveals he has been fed.  Beside it you leave the apple you saved for him.

With no sign of the donkey you continue your walk along the grass edge to the next shed.  This is an open barn, the floor of hardened mud.  Piles of swept wood shavings are near the entrance.  Inside, and the length of the barn, are thick tree trunks.  Huge chains hang from the ceiling.  You assume these lift the trees to a central bench to be cut into planks to join those already stacked.  Next to those are off-cuts of differing shapes and sizes, some of which will be destined for use on the cottage fire.

You divert into the forest to seek the woodcutter.  There is silence.  Trees lie felled, but there’s no sign of him. Time perhaps to investigate the third shed.  You enter into a work room where a bench is strategically placed to get the best light, tools line the walls.  Carved and sculptured wooden objects stand on shelves in different stages of development.  Above those are beautifully polished and varnished wooden boards, bowls, dishes and plates.  These are obviously the creation of a talented and skilled carpenter. On the bench in front of a high stool is, it seems, a one-off carving, not yet completed of a miniature stemmed wine glass.

“The Lord says, ‘Do all things in a beautiful and orderly way’.” 1 Corinthians .14:40 (TPT)

Is this a time to explore your creative abilities?



Episode 9