You wait in the work room hoping the carpenter will arrive. When he doesn’t, you stand outside.  Across the grass you see the cottage – a perfect ginger bread house.  Walking towards the cottage you spot a low white picket fence.  In taking a closer look you see that is a well-tended, neatly rowed vegetable garden.  Beyond that several chickens are clucking around their little house.  No wonder the eggs tasted so creamy fresh at breakfast.

Away from the shadow of the trees the sun now feels hot. You remove your jacket and realise its well past lunch time.  It then occurs to you the woodcutter might have returned and you left the bed unmade and the washing up in the sink.

You hurry back, but notice on the veranda the rocking chair now has a seat cushion.  You call “Hello” as you enter. The kettle is boiling, the bed made, and the china back on the dresser.  You take down a mug to make tea and see a jug of fresh milk in the sink to keep it cool.   It seems you have missed the woodcutter.  In deciding to take your tea to the veranda you realise a plate of pitta bread and a bowl of mixed salad with goats cheese and meat is on the table.  You assume this has been prepared for you.  When you have filled the pitta bread,  you take the plate and mug outside and see on the wooden table is a white envelope.   On a closer inspection you see it has your name on it.

“It is I, the Lord…who have called you by your name.  I have surnamed you, though you have not known me.  Isaiah 45:4 (King James version KJV)

Do you know you are valued by God?


Episode 10