You chuckle at your imagination. “Come on Heehaw!” His head lifts, he heehaws as if amused by your pronunciation of his name.  You pat his neck!  On the path so very near the cliff edge, you see the shimmering sea at the end of the valley. Houses are built along the white beach, and spread down both sides of the now wide river.  On both the sea and river are boats of different shapes and sizes.

Feeling hungry, you stop Heehaw, slide from his back to look for a ‘help yourself’ box. On the path a small boy heads towards you, he waves, you wave back.  Before you meet, he unties his jacket from his waist and sits on a long log.  He looks up, as you and Heehaw approach, and smiles.  You respond with ‘hello’ and he, lifting his lunch says, “I’m Jesse. Do you want a sardine sandwich?”  Politely you ask if he is sure.   His nose wrinkles, “There’s plenty” and breaks the bread in half.  The thick bread bursting with fish fills you, with leftovers for Heehaw.  Jesse nods to the trees. “My Dad owns those he won’t mind you picking the juicy, refreshing fruit.  Heehaw will like it too.” Heehaw expresses his opinion with a loud heehaw.  You gather as many as you can carry, whereupon Heehaw happily snaffles down several. While you eat, he keeps nuzzling Jesse causing him to giggle.

Refreshed, you point and ask, “Jesse which is the quickest way to that castle?”  Jesse frowns, “People are invited there: many don’t make it. But if you are determined a donkey can make a way when there is no way.”  As if hearing someone calling, Jesse announces, “Got to go, bye!” and runs off between the trees.

The Lord says, “..I’ll be right there to show them what roads to take, make sure they don’t fall into the ditch…sticking with them, and not leaving them for a minute. Isaiah 42:16 (MSG)

When mistakes are made can you still hope they can be rectified?

Episode 31