As before any story I hope you sitting comfortably, and then we will begin, by starting where “Steps to the Castle” ended.  As a suggestion, at the end of each key you might find it helpful to ask yourself, ‘How does this apply, or relate to my life?’ and you write down what comes to you.

Gently awakening in your chair, you feel cold. The sun rising brings light through the closed curtains.  You take in your surroundings with a deep sense of loss for the dream was so real.  This was your third insight beyond the veil that separates heaven and earth and where this time you had been privileged at meeting awesome people living in their eternal life.  Havej, revealed as Jehovah, allowed you to experience His glory, be sealed by His Spirit and receive an anointing to release His coming Kingdom on earth.  Afraid of losing the memories now so clear, you determine to write them down so in the future you can read, revisit and relive those experiences again.  Words of warning remind you that some people have similar experiences, but not all God’s people will believe, or want to hear about yours.

You jump up, flick on the central heating before turning on your computer to reveal in reality you have slept eight hours, despite your heavenly experience covering five days.  This is the expected Saturday morning with your day off now stretching before you.  After a hot bath and breakfast, you and the flat are now warm, however, your cornflakes, toast and marmalade are a poor substitute to the wonderful fresh and tasty food prepared for you in the heavenly realms.

It is now nearly ten years ago since you were considering the meaning of life.  That first dream gave you clues to finding and understanding God, but it was a further seven years before your second heavenly visit. You sigh, due to your stupidity that was aborted, but made you hungry to find out more.   When seeing an Alpha Course advertised outside a nearby church you decided to go and each week enjoyed the free meal, watched a film, and met with others investigating and discussing the Christian faith.  No question was deemed irrelevant, or too challenging, the response gentle which drew out the quieter ones.  And the relaxed, friendly atmosphere on the weekend away felt as you imagined a family could be.   At the end you and Yasmin asked Jesus into your lives. That was a year ago, and much had happened since.

Word:  “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”  Psalm 34:8  (NIV)

Worship:   “The more I seek you?”  Kari Jobi    4 mins



Key 1 – Seeking