Feeds 4

Ingredients: £1.55
4 Spicy (Southern Fried) Chicken Steaks ((£1.25)
750 grams of potatoes (30p)

1.Peel your potatoes and cut into wedges dip in flour and oil
2.Put these on a tray in the over with your chicken steaks
3.Cook chicken at temperature and time on the packet

Alternative method with Microwave
Oven/microwave weigh potatoes cook on Potato Jacket programme.
Place chicken steak on oven proof dish cook at 180 degrees with low heat
With grill turn over potatoes and brown on low

Serve with chopped and tossed salad: £1.73
1.Chop in half 12 cherry tomatoes
2.Cut of third of cucumber and chop into pieces
3.Chop and shred lettuce
4.Cut yellow pepper into thin strips
5.Slice up red onion in half and then down into thin strips
6.Chop an apple into simple size as tomatoes
7.Toss the salad in a bowl

Dressings for salad

A simple dressing:
1 . A teaspoon of oil, 2 of vinegar, sprinkle in pepper (SC)
2..In a shakeable container, shake well and pour over salad
3.Lift salad up and down in the bowl to allow to coat right through.

A mayonnaise:
1. 1 tablespoon of salad cream (SC)
2.1 tablespoon of Greek Yoghurt (10p)
3. Mix together in a small bowl

Tip: This simple meal is quickly prepared, cooked and ready to eat. Useful after a busy day, or if you are in a hurry.

Cost of Meal: £3.38
Cost per person: 85p


Recipe 11 – Spicy Chicken with Salad and Potato Wedges