Feeds 4

 Ingredients: £2.62

Tin of Tuna    350 grams        (75p)
Tin of Sweetcorn    1/2 tin      (19p)
1 Onion                                       (10p)
Milk powder/ ½  pt of milk    (SC)
Frozen peas   1/3 pk                 (18p)
Carrots 500 gram                     (22p)
Tablespoon of Cornflour         (SC)
Pasta    280 grams                    (18p)
Cheese 1.25 grams                  (£1.00)

1. Heat enough water in saucepan to cover the following
2. Peel and chop carrots into slightly bigger than peas
3. Do the same with the onion
4. When boiling add carrots, onion, peas and pasta
5. Cook until carrots soft
6. If you have milk powder add that to water in pan
7. If not, drain off most of the water and use 1/2 pt milk
8. Sprinkle pepper across the top stir, and re heat
9. Blend a little milk and cornflour to milky consistency
10.Turn down heat, slowly add cornflour for a thicker sauce
11.Grate 125 grams of cheese and stir 75 grams into mixture.
12.Add tuna chunks, stir through, heat gently through
13.Serve immediately, with bowl of 50 grams of cheese to sprinkle over

Alternative Suggestions:
1.Turn out into casserole dish and put the 50 grams of cheese over the top
2.Place in oven at 180 degrees until the top has browned.

With microwave:
1. Put in casserole dish with 50 grams of cheese on top
2. Place on trivet with combination of grill and low heat
3. In 5 minutes should be hot and browned.

Tip 1:  If you would prefer more tuna you can either swap cheese or just add in another 75p which will only make the cost per person 16p more.

Tip 2:  To save heating up an oven go for first option.

Tip 3:  If you have an ordinary microwave cook all the above ingredients in it and  serve from the same dish with bowl of cheese to sprinkle over.

Cost per meal:  £2.62
Cost per person:   66p


Recipe 12 – Tuna Pasta Bake