Feeds 4

 Ingredients: £2.54
Lidl Cornish pasties   4 x 50p each  (£2.00)
Coleslaw half portions                        (24p)
Any salad leftovers approximately
Add leftover  ½ tin sweetcorn/peas   (30p)

1.Pasties are cooked and delicious both hot or cold.
2.To heat put in oven 180 degrees for 20 mins or
3.For microwave oven LOW heat with combination 180 degrees
4.Use up leftovers: tomatoes, sweetcorn, peas
5.If no leftovers use baked beans

Tip 1:  These are large and sold in threes.  For younger children cut third pastie in two. Otherwise you will need to buy 2 packets and either freeze two for another day, or use by sale-by-date for 2 adult lunches or in half for children’s lunches.

Cost per meal:  £2.54
Cost per person:   64p


Recipe 13: Cornish Pasties with Salad/Coleslaw/leftovers