Beef stew & Dumpling Crust

Feeds 4 x 2 meals

 Ingredients:  £2.90

600 grams Stewing Steak       (£4.90) using 200 grms  (£1.63)
½ bag of Parsnips                    (25p)
½ Swede                                     (24p)
½ kg carrots                              (22p)
1 beet stock cube                       (12p)
Flour                                            (SC)
Gravy granules to thicken       (SC)

1. Cut meat into roughly 1 mm chunks place in frying pan and brown
2. Coat meat in flour and transfer into large dish or saucepan to cook
3. Add 1 pt of water and stock cube and cover and cook
4. For saucepan simmer gently, in oven cook at 160 degrees and microwave on LOW
5. Slice carrots, chop parsnips and swede into similar sized chunks
6. After 30 mins remove 2/3rds of the meat.from the stew for tomorrow’s meal
7. Add prepared vegetables and water to cover and continue cooking for an hour.
8. If vegetables and meat aren’t soft, stir gently and continue cooking.
9. Make dumplings as below.

Dumplings:   44p
240 grms  (8 oz) of flour         (12p)
120 grms of   (4ozs of suet)   (32p)
Water to mix

1. Place flour in bowl
2. Add suet and use add water so it forms a dry ball
3.If it gets sticky add just a little flour
4. Pat into a squarish shape and with a knife divide into 12 pieces
5. Roll each piece in your hand making a ball
6. Take out stew, stir adding enough water to ensure they will float!
7. Don’t cover, turn up heat over to 180 degrees, microwave to MEDIUM
8. They should rise to twice/three times the size.
9. Oven takes about 20 mins, microwave around 10 mins.
10.Remove dumplings and if necessary thicken gravy

Alternative using a microwave make a dumpling crust
1. Rub a finger or oil, lard or marg on another casserole dish lid
2. Use steps 1-3 above and make shape similar to your dish
3. Roll out your suet pastry to the right size, press out or fold in to fit
4. Place in microwave on HIGH for 4 minutes to rise
5. Turn upside down on to a flat plate, brown under the grill,
6. Cut into four pieces.
7. You can tip this over your stew to brown, if necessary, thicken gravy first

Extra Vegetables:  60p
When stew is ready, cook a green vegetable, and maybe a couple of boiled potatoes each to accompany the meal.  Time these according to your dumpling choice.

Cost of this meal:  £3.90
Cost of per person:  98p


Recipe 15 – Beef Stew & Dumplings