Feeds 4 

 Ingredients:  £3.96

400 grms of stewing beef       (£3.26)
2 apples                                   (48p)
1 lrg onion                               (10p)
50 grms (2ozs) sultanas        (SC)
Curry powder                          (SC)
1 Beef stock cube                    (12p)
Tomato Sauce                         (SC)
Gravy granules                        (SC)

1. Peel and cook apples in a little water mas them into that
2. Add 1pt of water, beef stock cube, and chopped onion
3. Squeeze a good blob of tomato sauce
4. Put in curry powder to your taste
5. Stir in the sultanas and bring to the boil
6. Put the steak in a casserole dish and add the sauce
7. Continue cooking in oven at 160 degree or LOW microwave
8. When meat is soft make up gravy granules
9. Add gravy as per instructions make sauce enough for four
10.Check curry flavouring is to your taste

Fruit:   98p
Two oranges, broken into segments and halved                              (50p)
Two bananas cut into slices                                                                 (28p)
Two larger tomatoes cut into eighths                                                (20p)

Rice:  16p

Serving around 50 grams (2ozs)  boiled rice per person
1. In separate saucepan put a full mug of water in per person and boil
2. Measure half a mug of rice for each person to water
3. Gently boil without saucepan lid for 8 minutes
4. Check there is water at bottom of pan cook for another 4 mins
5. Remove from heat put on lid, leave rice to steam for 8 minutes before serving

 Tip 1:.  To make a creamier curry, use cornflour and water mix, add slowly and then 3 tabs of yoghurt     (22p).

Tip 2:  The fruit idea comes from Kenya, it doesn’t have to be added, or perhaps only use one large orange and make a saving of  (25p)

Tip 3:  This dish is more expensive and you may prefer to cook all the meat and add a two-thirds more vegetables and freeze dish for another day.

Tip 4: In future you could cook both stewing steak meals in the oven at the same time.  Separate off the meat, following the above recipe and put back in the same oven as the stew.  Or leave to marinate overnight and cook the following day, or freeze this meal for 4 to eat on another day, and pick a use previous recipe today.

Tip 5:  This might be an ideal recipe for eating up left over tomatoes, bananas and other fruit at the end of a week.

Tip 6:  Markets, greengrocers or even supermarkets often stell of their out of date stock, or even bruise and damaged.  This is a good place to pick up apples which you can always prepare and keep for when making this curry.  When apples are in profusion, you can often get free apples that are bruised, cut that away and make use take-away boxes to make apple bricks for the future makes for cheap and delicious cake or crumble.

Cost of meal:  £5.10
Cost per person:  £1.30


Recipe 16 – Kenyan Curry with fruit and Rice