Feeds 4

Ingredients:  £1.38
250 grams of cooked bacon*    (30p)
250 grams boiled potatoes        (10p)
1 Onion                                          (10p)
4 large tomatoes                          (40p)
6 eggs                                             (48p)
Any vegetable leftovers


1. Take cooked, chopped bacon out of freezer (prepared two weeks ago)*
2. Chop roughly into 1 mm cubes, boil until just soft
3. Chop onion and fry in a little oil with bacon
4. Break six eggs into a jug, add pepper and little milk and whisk with fork
5. Add any leftovers with cooked potato to pan when bacon and onion hot.
6. Pour over egg mixture, and scramble the ingredients together
7. Once the egg begins to set allow to gently to cook until centre is dry
8. Cut the tomatoes in half and arrange around pan
9. Optional: Sprinkle cheese on the top                                (40p)
10.Slip your frying pan under the grill and brown the top
11. Cut in portions and serve with basic salad                   (£1.73)

Cost of meal: £3.51
Cost per person:  88p



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