Feeds 4 x 3 recipes  = £1.37

Ingredients:  £4.10
500 grams Sausage Meat        (£2.00)
500 grams Mince                      (£2.00)
1 large onion                                   (10p)
A thick crust of bread                    (SC)
½ cup of milk                                 (SC)
1 crushed garlic segment (optional) (SC)

1. Cut bread into small cubes place in mixing bowl with ½ cup of milk
2. Add garlic and pepper, with thinly sliced and chopped onion.
3. If possible, use mixer, to blend bread, onion and both meats together
4. By hand blend equal amounts of ingredients together.
5. In a roasting tin, spread and press down the mixture into a loaf shape
6. Put your uncooked, prepared potatoes to roast around it
7. Cook at 200 degrees for until potatoes golden brown – about an hour
8. The meatloaf sides and top should be dark and crunchy
9. Cut off a thick chunk from each end, cut in half and serve a chunk each.
10. When cold carefully remove from tin, put in fridge and slice tomorrow.

Suggested vegetables:  £1.40
Potatoes, boiled carrots and cabbage

Tip 1:  Make gravy from a little of the fat from the meatloaf and the boiled water of the vegetables.

Tip 2: The meatloaf can make lots of fat, drain that off into a bowl as is delicious to use for frying or rubbing over your potato wedges.

Cost  of meal:   £2.77
Cost per person:   69p


Recipe 29 – Meatloaf with roast potatoes and vegetables