Feeds 4

Ingredients:  £2.53

Two slices of meatloaf each               (£1.37)
4 eggs fried                                              (32p)
1 tin baked beans                                    (44p)
800 grms potatoes in wedges               (40p)

1. Prepare your wedges as in ‘Potato Possibilities’
2. When nearly cooked heat warm through slices of meatloaf
3. Cover them to keep warm
4. Fry your four eggs, preferably together
5. Open beans into saucepan and heat
6. Serve as quickly as possible

Tip:  Depending on the size of your slices of meatloaf  you may have enough to freeze to use for another meal in the future.  If not enough for that then if you mash it in with a little tomato sauce itis delicious in a sandwich for lunch.

Cost of Meal:      £2.53
Cost per person,  66p.



Recipe 31 – Meatloaf with egg and potato wedges