Feeds 4


Ingredients:   £2.88
4 large potatoes, 800 grams (if too small prepare 2 each)  (28p)
1 tin of Tuna Fish                   (75p)
1 Tin of Sweetcorn                 (37p)
Salad of your choice from Salad Suggestions   (£1.50)

1. If you have microwave use this instead of main oven
2. Squeeze gently to ensure cooked
3. Open tin of tuna and sweetcorn drain away water in tin
4, Mix together with salad cream.
5.Open potato and put in a little ‘Heavenly Buttery’ and pepper
6. Serve over the top of the potato

Cost of Meal:  £2.88
Cost per Person:  £72p


Recipe 32 – Sweetcorn & Tuna over Jacket potatoes