Feeds 4

Ingredients:  £2.10
2 Chicken portions (£1.79 for 4)       (89p)
4 uncooked carrots                              (22p)
4 parsnips                                               (21p)
½ Swede                                                  (23p)
1 large or two small white onions       (20p)
Curry powder to taste                            (SC)
Squeeze of Tomato Sauce                     (SC)
Chicken Oxo cube                                  (12p)
Gravy granules/powder to thicken     (SC)
(Optional)  ½ pot of Greek yoghurt   (23p)

1. Fry 2 chicken pieces on each side. Cut it and vegetables into l cm cubes
2. Boil 2 litres of water in saucepan add stock cube and curry to taste.
3. Add vegetables and chicken boil until cooked = 15 mins.
4. Add good squeeze of tomato sauce, gently stir and simmer.
5. Freeze remaining 2 portions of chicken to use another day.
6 .When rice is 5 mins from serving, thicken the liquid to a gravy/soup.
7  Using cornflour and water mixture slowly to curry.
8. Or use powder/granules use as makers instructions.
9. Put the cooked rice, on a plate alongside the bowl of curry.
10.Add the Naan bread to the plate and serve.
11. (Optional) Add 3 tablespoons of yoghurt to be more like a Korma

Rice:  (16p)
1.In separate saucepan use a mug of water per person and boil
2.Measure half a mug of rice for each person and add to water
3.Gently boil without saucepan lid for 8 minutes
4.Check to still a little water at bottom of pan, add if needed.
5.Cook 4 more mins
6.Remove from heat, put on lid and wait 8 minutes before serving
7.Put rice alongside the soup bowl with Naan Bread.

Naan bread:  45p
This is ready made, just needs heat under a grill on both sides. Two portions in the packet, cut down the middle for four people.

Tip 1:  Ensure you have enough liquid as well as vegetables to fill the soup bowl.   Add hot water if lacking.  Make it even more creamy like a korma by adding a 33p tin of chicken soup.  This is always a good standby for your stock cupboard and/or lunches at home.

Tip 2:  As an alternative use stewing steak at £2.55 for 400 grams.  In using a microwave or slow cooker cook meat, curry and vegetables together.  Using the LOW setting on the microwave it takes about an hour for meat to soften. With that use a beef stock cube and 2 litres of water.  Thicken then with cornflour if necessary. At the end you will only have the rice and naan bread to prepare.

Tip  3:  When serving meat and vegetables in gravy or sauce use an open slatted spoon so meat and veg get served first.  That way everyone gets a good portion before ladling out the liquid.

Cost of meal:  £2.71  using  Tip 2:  £4.14 (will feed 6)
Per person:     65p


Recipe 33 – Vegetable/Meat Curry, Rice & Naan Bread