Feeds 4

Base ingredients:  13p
220 gr (8oz) SR flour (10p),
8 dsp veg/sunflower oil (SC),
8 dsp water,
1 tsp. Oregano. (SC)

1.  Combine all ingredients in a bowl so dry, but malleable.
2.  Use fingers to gently press over base of 12inch frying pan.
3.  With a smaller pan you for 4 share ingredients between two pans
4.  Cook with a medium heat, cover if possible with lid until pastry has risen.
5.  When upper side looks fairly dry, invert plate and turn over.
6.  If pastry sticks to plate drop back in pan for a minute or two.
7.  If not brown enough on either side use plate to turn base to brown it.
8.  Tip on to plate ready to add toppings.

Topping:   99p
1. Open tin of baked beans and frankfurter sausages.  (39p)
2. Place on base the sausages as sun rays
3. Put the beans in between the sausage keeping the middle free
4. Beat two eggs with pepper and a little milk
5. In a microwave jug on HIGH 3 mins, or stir in saucepan   (16p)
4  When thickened place scrambled egg in centre
5. Sprinkle over 100 grms (2oz) grated cheese, melt under grill  (44p)

Serve with salad/coleslaw choices (£1.50)

Cost of Meal:  £2.62
Cost per person:   65p


Recipe 34 – Sunny Delight Pizza