Feeds 6  (frozen portions)

Ingredients: £2.48
500 grams mince                                 (£2.00)
800 grams of sliced potatoes                (25p)
1 large onion cut into rings                    (10p)
1 stock cube                                               (13p)
2 tablespoons tomato sauce                   (SC)
Cornflour to thicken                                (SC)
Garlic segment                                          (SC)
Lentils                                                         (SC)

1.  Fry mince, onion and ½ finely chopped garlic together
2. Add ½ pint water, stock cube, and lentils boil and simmer for 10 mins
3. If needing further thickening to make a gravy add end of cornflakes*
4. While that is cooking slice potatoes thinly
5. In a good size dish for oven or microwave start with thin layer of meat
6. Add potatoes on top and keep layering ending in potatoes
7. Cover and put in 190 degree oven for at least 30 mins.= m/w MED 20 mins
8. Check by inserting knife that potatoes are cooked in the centre
9. Remove cover and add topping mixture
10.Return to hot oven for approx. 15 mins until risen and browned
11.M/W MED for about half that time, and brown under grill

 Topping:  £1.10
2 Eggs                            (32p)
200 grams yoghurt      (23p)
Pepper                             (SC)
200 grams of mature grated cheese  (78p)

1. Break eggs beat with fork until white and yokes and mixed together.
2. Add yoghurt and pepper
3. Leave about 50 grams of cheese to sprinkle over the top
4. Stir in most of the cheese and pour over your mince and potatoes

Serve with favourite vegetable:
A green vegetable goes well with this, as does a small salad.  (80p)

Tip: Keep the broken bits and amost dust at the end of your breakfast cereals.  Weetabix and Cornflakes are great to add to thicken gravy.

Tip 2:  Use the ends of Porridge and Muesli  to add to flour for a crumble mixture.

Cost for meal:  £4.38
Cost per person:  73p  (for 6 people)

Recipe 35 – Pseudo Moussaka